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<h4>International with 30+ offices</h4>

International with 30+ offices

<h4>Established in 1997 over 20 years of experience</h4>

Established in 1997 over 20 years of experience

<h4>A-brand machines and installations</h4>

A-brand machines and installations

<h4>Service and spare parts top quality service level</h4>

Service and spare parts top quality service level

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Kazakhstan – a testimonial on an integral irrigation solution

Testimonial on an irrigation solution in Kazakhstan In this video mister Yuri Vladimirovich of Kopdikov reviews the irrigation solution that APH Group has developed for the company in Kazakhstan. Specifically, the solution consists of a T-L pivot, a Cornell pump, and Riverscreen filter technology.  You can find the testimonial video… Read more “Kazakhstan – a testimonial on an integral irrigation solution”

Irrigation review Mister Yuri Vladimirovich of Kopdikov
Yuri Vladimirovich, manager of Kopdikov

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