Wet line, 10 tons per hour

APH Group Engineering

Wet line, 10 tons per hour

Schouten, boxtipper (pos 1)
– Hydraulic operated box tipper



Schouten, boxtipper (pos 1)
- Hydraulic operated box tipper
- Box size 1600x1200x1250mm

Schouten, receiving bunker (pos 2)
- Made of steel plates
- The inside of the bunker is covered with soft landing
- Equipped with open bottom
- Dimensions 1800x1800mm
- Including extension boards on top of the bunker
- The complete bunker is adjustable in height

Schouten, elevator (pos 3)
- Dimensions 3450x1000 mm
- Endless welded PVC belt with cleats H60
- Fixed speed, Frequency converter for adjustable speed optionally available
- Fixed receiving bin with moving bottom and dosing valve
- First 1200mm is supported with rollers the rest is with a guiding plate
- The up and down going part of the elevator is covered with a plate
- Output funnel is equipped with fall reducing flap
- Motor reductor is equipped with motor brake
- Elevator is assembled on a stand alone in height adjustable frame

Schouten, roller cleaner (pos 4)
- Equipped with 5 rollers
- Grading width of 1000 mm
- Fixed speed of the rollers
- Drive of the rollers by means of chains.
- Equipped with quick-set adjustment for setting the fallthrough between the rollers
- A PVC funnel guides the graded product into the underneath box.

Tummers, drum washer 1000x2500 (pos 5)
The drum washers' frame is constructed of tube profiles. The machine is designed for washing potatoes, carrots and other root crops. Therefore a product web is fitted on this model. By 'playing' with the water level and the mechanically adjustable door, the intensiveness and duration of cleaning can be regulated. This is depending on the dirtiness of the product. The machine is driven by a timing belt, fitted in a portal. Inside the barrel, PVC flights are fitted to tumble and convey the product. The flights can be adjusted by hand. The machine is adjustable in height by extending the length of the legs. Optional the machine can be fitted with a shower made of PVC inside the barrel and a shower above the product web. Both showers are recommended.

- 2 Pumps for discharge of dirty water to the basin and for supplying clean water to the washer
- Shower made of steel inside of barrel
- Shower above product web

Ekko, felt drier EM1979 (pos 6)
The felt drier is a drying machine for potatoes and other root crops. The machine is equipped with rollers covered with felt, which will suck water from the surface of the product. This water is squeezed out again by adjustable pressure rollers and drained off through a channel to outside of the machine. The pressure rollers are equipped with separate springs, which give a uniform and very effective drying.

Schouten, roller inspection table (pos 7)
- Dimensions 3000x1000 mm
- Standard standing model. In this model the returning rollers are directly underneath the forwarding rollers. With this model it is less easy to inspect the product sitting
- Speed is adjustable by means of frequency converter at the end of the inspection table 15 Hz. = 2,0 m/min, 50 Hz. = 6,0 m/min, 80 Hz. = 10,0 m/min
- PVC rollers with a diameter of 53 mm and with a distance of 10 mm between the rollers
- Output funnel will be equipped with soft landing and fall reducing flap
- Complete machine is assembled on a stand alone in height adjustable frame with wheels

- TL lighting above inspection table.

Electrical switchbox
Included is a central switchbox for central ON/OFF operation of the production line.

Manter weighing and packing equipment.
The Manter packing station is not included in this line and should be offered separate.

There are several different possibilities for packaging like mesh bags, poly bags and clipping bags. Also requested output capacity is important to know for offering the right combination of equipment.