Linear Irrigation Systems

Only T-L Linear systems offer continuous movement for precise water management, custom designed for your application.

Pivot irrigation systems

T-L’s exclusive hydrostatic drive design offers substantial advantages over electrically driven systems. Each tower of a T-L system moves continuously, guaranteeing a uniform water spreading, especially important for chemical distribution. Continuous movement reduces the chances of getting stuck and reduces wear on drive components significantly. T-L’s hydrostatic drive design provides maximum torque while automatically adjusting for the varying tower flow requirements determined by the rotation speed. A pressure compensating, variable flow hydraulic pump supplies only the power required, not always the maximum 100% capacity all the time. Standard lengths of a pivot are 400 to 500m. Maximum a pivot can[...]

One Span Linear (OSL) irrigation system

T-L One Span Linear systems produce higher yields through even water distribution, the result of hydrostatic drive design and its continuous movement. Add low pressure versatility and uniform water patterns and the benefits grow. One Span Linears can be designed to irrigate irregular and smaller fields, irrigate widths from 36 to 250 m, and have delivery of water through a drag hose or canal feed.

Motorpump EMP 04 ICor

Motorpump unit suitable for agricultural irrigation in every working condition ensuring maximum efficiency and reliability, complete of standard configuration with roof and sides protections.