Chinese farmers recognize the quality of a Miedema CP42 planter

On April 21st, BAOTC (daughter company of APH Group and Omnivent) organized a field demonstration with a Miedema CP42 mounted potato planter in Guyuan, China. BAOTC is exclusive distributor of Miedema products in China. During the morning session there was a presentation about Miedema potato planters and about the Dewulf RS2060 harvesters.
In the afternoon, engineer Houjin Ai explained in the field the working principle of the planting machine and demonstrated the planting result by pulling out one of the covering discs. The big group of Chinese potato growers directly acknowledged the very precious planting result of the CP42: both samples of 3 meters showed 16 tubers which met exactly the settings.
BAOTC sold and delivered already several Miedema planters in 2015. We wish all Chinese potato growers a very efficient planting season!