Manter packing line for carrots, red beets & swedes

Hanna and Raimo Alainen are running a farm in Finland. The farm is specialized in growing, packing, and supplying vegetables for the local market. Those activities fit well with a couple that loves farming. Above that, both have an education as a horticulturist. The family farm is one of many generations. They supply carrots, red beets, and swedes straight to local supermarkets. In increasingly tougher competition, they manage on the market thanks to their competitive service, which meets the customer’s requirements. Regardless of challenges caused by the northern climate and short growing season, they have intensively put effort to develop the production of these special crops in the last years.

Alainen-Manter M10 Ca equipment

A brand new packaging line

The latest step forward was a new packing line. It operates since the start of this year. Hanna and Raimo saw a video about Manter carrot packing equipment. With his education in agricultural machinery, Raimo was very interested in how different technical details are designed and carried out. The professional built machines of high quality drew his attention. Also, he saw lots of new models and a high level of development. He noticed that these machines aim for the future. Furthermore, he was happy to see how the APH Group CTA (Commercial Technical Advisor) properly answered his challenging questions.

Before they had this new line, small carrots were packed with a small simple wicket bagger. This was inaccurate. It needed lots of attention to run. For example, they had to bag bigger carrots, red beets, and swedes manually. This new line is much more accurate. All products and bag sizes run with minimum mishits and need only a little attention. At the same time, they can pack a lot more with less labor. It surprised them, that it even can weigh big Swedes. This is not possible when weighing manually.

In conclusion, it is ideal for packers aiming for industry-leading solutions

They recommend these machines for packers who aim for industry-leading solutions, which are focused on the future. Hanna and Raimo are very satisfied with the new line. Especially, they are happy about the efforts that Manter made. Manter secured that the line meets the challenging request to pack a big variety of products and packing sizes perfectly. They chose a wicket-style bagger for easy change between different bags. Specifically, because they run many different crops and bag sizes in a day. For Hanna and Raimo it is the ideal packing solution!

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