Extensive grading, washing & packing lines

APH Group Engineering recently delivered and installed a large-scale line for grading, washing, and packing of potatoes to a customer in the Northeast region of Belarus. The biggest challenge was to fit all the desired machines in the compact building. We have applied several innovative solutions, so we could design the line in such a way that all desired components were included.

Testimonial Belarus - gradingm, washing and packing line potatoes

The grading line

First of all, we placed the grader above the bunkers to reduce the floor surface. Secondly, we used platforms for the brushing machines as well as the roller inspection tables. This kept the floor space free. Third, a palletizing line was equipped with a 90° angled conveyor to place the palletizer in the best possible position. And last, the central PLC with a touchscreen makes it possible to choose several routings, which means maximum flexibility for the customer.

The drying line

The dryline consists out of 3 brushing machines with integrated by-pass conveyors. In this way, the brushers can be by-passed partly or completely by sliding the conveyor over the brushes inside of the machine. As a result, the brushing intensity can be changed accordingly.

The washing and packing line

The washing line consists of a drum washer in combination with an active polisher to achieve the best possible cleaning result for the end product. There are 16 bucket combination weighing machines. As a result, there is maximum accuracy and capacity for the 2 automatic bagging machines. The machine packs into 2,5 kg PE-bags, as well as 20-25 kg mesh bags. The mesh bags will be stacked automatically and wrapped on a pallet to prepare them for transport.

As a result, the line is able to reach capacities between 10-15 tons per hour. However, this depends on the chosen routing and product quality.

APH Group Engineering fulfilled this prestigious project together with its partners:
Bijlsma Hercules, Tummers, Haith Group, Schouten Sorting Equipment, Manter, Symach Palletizers and Jongejans Dust Collectors.

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