Miedema – Vrstvič ML 1370 Farmer


Miedema – The Miedema ML store loaders stand for high capacity, while taking care of a product friendly handli…

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The Miedema ML store loaders stand for high capacity, while taking care of a product friendly handling of all crops during loading of the storage. The ML store loaders are standard equipped with a PVC belt of 70 cm wide. The compact construction of the contra weight assure a minimum falling height during storage loading. The Farmer series of the ML store loaders offers a basic machine with the reliability and product friendly operation from ML store loaders series. The machine is standard equipped with swivel angle limiter with yellow posts and 2 belt speeds.

Unique points:
• Foldable drawbar for user friendly operation
• Rubber caps on the swiveling plate to prevent moving & floor damage
• Low input height because of the compact contra weight
• No rollers under the input to assure maximum product friendly handling
• Switchboard equipped with all function switches, to operate without remote control
• Fully integrated hydraulic aggregate including drip tray, to avoid leaking of oil
• Standard Start Control, to start and stop all Miedema machines in line
• The castor wheels have been installed at an angle to the ground to prevent the machine from “running off”
• Variable swivel and drive speed by means of a black & white valve with mechanical adjustment
• Wheel guards to prevent product damage on the floor
• 2 inspection hatches on each side of the machine, for easy maintenance
• Deep V-shaped PVC conveyor for maximum capacity
• Bended conveyor end to assure a low dropping height in combination with the small top roller
• Belt control set to prevent the conveyor belt from running out of alignment
• Belt drive by means of an electrical motor and drive drum
• The drive drum is lined with special rubber material to generate maximum friction
• The support of the rollers have eyelets for hanging the cable of the remote control to prevent the machine from driving across the cable.

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Belt material: PVC
Belt shape: V-shape
Belt speed: 2 speeds
Belt width (cm): 70
Input height (cm): 105
Max. discharge height (cm): 560
Min. discharge height (cm): 35
Min.-max. length conveyor (cm): 818 – 1280
Reach in front of wheels/supports (cm): 915
Supply angel min.-max.: 1° – 28°
Weight (kg): 3700