Miedema – Teleskopický dopravník MC 1380


Miedema – The MC range of transport conveyors is designed with a 80cm wide PVC conveyor, with a capacity up to…

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The MC range of transport conveyors is designed with a 80cm wide PVC conveyor, with a capacity up to 130t/hr. User friendliness, reliability and capacity are the main characteristics for those MC conveyors.
Thanks to its narrow construction and the optional integrated flattening set, which
transforms the trough belt to a flat belt, the transport conveyors can also be used to inspect the
The trough shaped conveyor assures a large product flow on the conveyor and the thick layer of products reduces the dropping heights and thus damages to the product.
The PVC conveyor with integrated scrapers assures that soil cannot stick on the conveyor belt.
The MC series is fitted with a strong, simple extension mechanism. A centrally located control cabinet provides easy operation from both sides. The drawbar can be attached in two positions, so the transport conveyor can always be moved with the forklift. The discharge height is adjustable up to 220 cm, the conveyors can be used for various purposes, such as filling both the MB 33 and MB 55 box fillers.
The MC is equipped with variable belt speed adjustment.

Unique points:
• The product does not touch any metal or painted components. This will prevent internal bruising and paint chips sticking to the products.
• No support rollers at the infeed of the conveyor, for product friendly loading
• Endless PVC conveyor to prevent soil from sticking to the conveyor belt
• In the return parts of the conveyor a special belt guide system prevents running the conveyor out of alignment
• Variable adjustable belt scraper
• Horizontal rubber flap for product friendly transfer to next conveyor
• Drawbar with 2 positions
• Manual height adjustment (output side) by means of a hydraulic hand pump
• Manual height adjustment by means of a mechanical spindle (input side), left and right side are separate adjustable
• Manual operated length adjustment with a free wheel function in case of coupled with ML store loader
• The coupling section assures the product to be dropped in the center of the conveyor irrespective of the
position of the supply
• The hopper is mounted onto the coupling carriage, so it is not necessary to reposition the hopper towards the supply conveyor when the length of the MC is adjusted
• Variable belt speed

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Belt material: PVC
Belt speed (m/min): 20 – 72 (variable speed)
Belt width (cm): 80
Input height (cm) min. – max.: 80 – 140
Min.-max. length conveyor (cm): 841 – 1.280
Output height (cm) min. – max.: 82 – 224
Wheels (front): 4×2 Plastic swiveling wheels with brakes
Wheels (rear): 2x Swiveling pneumatic tires