Miedema – Príjmový dopravník MH 241


Miedema – The receiving hopper is the start of every storage process. The machine is used as a buffer before c…

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The receiving hopper is the start of every storage process. The machine is used as a buffer before cleaning, grading and storage loading and can be used for a large variety of crops. The MH 241 receiving hoppers can be offered in several different models based on the required specifications. The machines combine the well-known Miedema reliability with product friendly crop handling and easy operation. The MH hoppers are modular constructed which makes it possible to offer a solution for any specific situation. In combination with the large amount of sophisticated options available, the MH receiving hopper is the perfect choice.

Unique points:
• Heavy duty chassis
• Cable guides mounted inside of the chassis for optimal reliability
• Reinforced bumper blocks on the receiving bulk head for extra protection
• Large control box mounted on the right side of the machine.
• Robust remote control with hanger hook and 15 meter cable
• Start-Control for all Miedema machines in line
• View-hole perforations at eye level in the side panels to check if the trailer is empty
• Special hopper bottom for high capacity and easy maintenance
• Continuously variable hopper speed
• Heavy duty bottom chain
• Inspection hatch for the bottom belt in the side of the frame for easy maintenance access
• Rubber receiving guards to prevent leaking at the roller cleaning unit
• Smooth transition of product from the hopper to the cleaning unit
• V-shaped product conveyor for high capacity and minimum product damage
• Conveyors are equipped with a PVC belt to avoid soil sticking on the belts.

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Capacity (t/hr): 90
Input width (cm): 330
Moving floor length (cm): 560
Moving floor speed m/min: 0,1 – 4,6
Moving floor width (cm): 240
Volume (m³): 20
Weight (kg): 5700