Store loader ML 1980

The MLxx80 range of store loaders is designed with a rubber 80 cm wide conveyor belt with a capacity up to 180t/hr achieved at a product friendly conveyor belt speed.

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The MLxx80 range of store loaders is designed with a rubber 80 cm wide conveyor belt with a capacity up to 180t/hr achieved at a product friendly conveyor belt speed.
The wide conveyor belt is completely free from the frame, which allows 100% use of its surface and ensures maximum quality of the conveyed product.
With the completely open construction of the frame, everything is easily accessible, debris and falling soil do not accumulate inside the machine. This ensures the store loader to remain reliable even with intensive use.

A robust drum motor with adjustable speed drives the conveyor belt. The motor is located at the end of the main frame for maximum grip. The conveyor has a nodding end for perfect discharge when filling storage buildings or trucks. The use of a small return roller has made it possible to achieve a very slight drop height.

In combination with the Miedema Start Control the storage can be filled safely and easy under all circumstances.

Unique points:
 Variable belt speed by means of frequency converter
 Low input height because of the compact contra weight
 No rollers under the input to assure maximum product friendly handling
 Take away drawbar, to be mounted on the machine
 Open construction, no possibility to accumulate of debris and falling soil
 Equipped with rubber swivelling plate to prevent moving of the machine during operation
 Double rubber at receiving side, to prevent leaking of product
 2 Steering wheels at receiving side, hydraulic adjustable 50° left and 50° right
 Energy efficient hydraulic aggregate, integrated in the machine
 Equipped with a wired remote control
 Equipped with ultrasonic side-wall detection sensors
 Adjustable swivelling speed
 Deep V-shaped conveyor for maximum capacity
 Standard with rubber belt; high durability, heavier belt, soil stick more easy
 Optional PVC belt; light, strong, flexible, antistatic belt, less possibility to stick soil
 Belt control set to prevent the conveyor belt from running out of alignment
 Belt drive by means of a drum motor, located at the end of the main frame
 The drive drum is equipped with special coating for optimum grip on the belt
 Equipped with ultrasonic product detection sensors
 3 Inspection hatches on each side of the machine, for easy maintenance
 Wheel guards to prevent product damage on the floor
 Bended conveyor with a very small top roll to create small drop height
 Standard Start Control, to start and stop all Miedema machines in line
 Available with Comfort or Dynamic filling programs


Belt materialRubber
Belt width (cm)80
Belt speed (m/min)23-91 (variable)
Input height (cm)105
Min. discharge height (cm)80
Max. discharge height (cm)840
Swiveling width (m)38
Supply angel min.-max.1° - 25°
Min.-max. length conveyor (cm)1.122 - 1.919
Reach in front of wheels/supports (cm)1.407


11101430X-stream plniaci dopravník
11103460Vstupný zošup
11105560Spojenie ML s MC/TAT/HAT
11105570Spojenie ML s X-stream plniacim dopravníkom
11109830Dopravníkový pás ML 1980 (guma) nízky Chevron
11109970Dopravníkový pás ML 1980 (PVC)
11110010Škrabky na oporných valčekoch ML 1980
11110190ML 1980-Comfort s káblovým diaľkovým ovládaním
11110200Vymedzenie uhla výkyvu pomocou tyčí
11110230LED pracovné svetlá
11129260Voltage 190-210V / 50Hz / 3~
11131150Bezdrôtové diaľkové ovládanie (prídavné)
11134450Konektory vonkajšieho napájania s páskou (3~/10A)
11135070ML 1980-Dynamic s káblovým diaľkovým ovládaním
11154590Voltage 380-420V / 50Hz / 3~
11154600Voltage 440-480V / 60Hz / 3~
11161910Voltage 200-220V / 60Hz / 3~
11161920Voltage 220-240V / 60Hz / 3~
11164400Dopravníkový pás ML 1980 (OV, ZM, modrý)
11164410Dopravníkový pás ML 1980 (OV, modrý)
11164420Conveyor belt ML 1980 (PVC, ZM)
11164430Dopravníkový pás ML 1980 (guma, ZM)
11165080CAN-bus kit ML, vrátane káblu 20 m
11246390ML 1980 Premium, wired remote control