Mrkvový kombajn GB I

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Pneumatiky2x Mitas 600 65R38
Pracovná šírka1 row
Dĺžka zberových remeňov (mm)14000
Šírka preosievacieho pásu (mm)800
Šírka odhliňovacieho pásu (mm)1000
Ťažný prostriedok (HP)100


CAR-1205Second operating console in the tractor for more comfort during bunker unloading
CAR-12346Bunker with loading optimization: capacity of 10 m³ (5,5 ton). (only icw D-35025GK2)
CAR-12347Weight control system: pressure measurement on the bunker. (weight showed in cabin)
CAR-13001 monitor s 2 kamerami + osvetlenie
CAR-13010TCamera system: 1 quad screen with 4 infrared cameras (for trailed machine)
CAR-1307GBWorking lights GBI/GBII: LED instead of the standard mounted halogen ligths
CAR-1500Area counter (tractor need to have ISO 11786-connector, no ISOBUS)
CAR-17023Hydraulic adjustable fall breaker at the end of the bunker (metal slide off)
CAR-17024Hydraulic foldable box filler chute (box should be minimum 800 mm x 1.000 mm)
CAR-17026ESensor in the center of the container loader, which controls the feed from the bunker
CAR-17026GContainer loader (cross web) at the end of the bunker
CAR-17301Additional cable with fuse to connect a second tractor (needed to operate with terminal)
CAR-1733Towing ball K80 (i.s.o.of fixed towing eye) (towing hitch 420-570 mm from the ground)
CAR-17332Rotary towing eye (iso. fixed towing eye) (towing hitch between 420-570 mm from the ground)
CAR-17334BFixed towing eye D40 (instead of fixed towing eye)
CAR-17339KRussian hydraulic coupling
CAR-2201oranžové bočné svetlá na každých 3 m
CAR-30074GK2Bigger oil cooler (needed within extreme hot harvesting conditions: +40°C) (not icw D-3502GK2)
CAR-31022GK2Hydraulically adjustable support stand of the machine (adjustable from the cabin)
CAR-320810DRight tyre: MITAS 620/70 R30 and left tyre: MITAS 2x 300/85 R42 (i.s.o standard tyre)
CAR-320810L1 Extra left wheel: MITAS 2x 300/85 R42
CAR-32289DRight tyre: TRELLEBORG 850/45B R30,5 left tyre: MITAS 2x 300/85 R42 (i.s.o standard tyre)
CAR-32289GRight tyre: TRELLEBORG 850/45B R30,5 left tyre: TRELLEBORG 850/45B R30,5 (i.s.o standard tyre)
CAR-3303P3Automatic lubrication system for the cutters
CAR-3307GK2Machine filled with bio oil PANOLIN HLPsynth (+/- 250 l)
CAR-35023Hydraulic wheel drive on both wheels with control of the traction from the cabin + hydro-pneumatic s
CAR-35025GBSSide-shift left wheel: hydraulic adjustment of the track width (+400 mm) (for better stability)
CAR-3502GK2Hydraulic driven wheels with traction control from cabin (not icw D-3503GK2 and D-3103GK2)
CAR-3503GB2Air brakes with pressure vessel on the harvester (instead of standard hydraulic brakes)
CAR-41521ADC (Automatic Depth Control), proportional sensors controllable from the cabin
CAR-4153DAS (Dewulf Automatic Steering) automatic steering on the pole
CAR-42311 day assistance of Dewulf technician during start-up of a new machine (exclusive flight tickets)
CAR-4232"2 day assistance of Dewulf technician start-up (inclusive hotel costs; exclusive flight tickets)"
CAR-4233"3 day assistance of Dewulf technician start-up (inclusive hotel costs; exclusive flight tickets)"
CAR-430826 Cutters with “half moon” knives (i.s.o. standard cutter)
CAR-4312hydraulicky poháňané rotujúce valce pre zdvíhanie vňate - torpéda
CAR-44091GBCStone security on 1 shares (break bolt system)
CAR-44621ZReversing of the cutters and belts, from the cabin (together or individually reversible)
CAR-45635GBCQuick release system of the tensioning rollers
CAR-4564GK2Hydraulic duo agitator in the cross conveyor, speed adjustable on the machine
CAR-4568hydraulicky poháňané rotujúce vytriasače na čistenie mrkvy pod zberovými remeňmi
CAR-4568GBHydraulic driven rotors for cleaning carrots under the top lifter belts (1x 3 pcs.)
CAR-4601GK2Press-out roller in the cross web
CAR-4608GK2Inspection platform for 1 person (equipped with emergency stop button)
CAR-4674GK2Hydraulically driven entrance roller of the cross conveyor (only in combination with D-46710)
CAR-46751GB2Speed of the cross web and the hedgehog unit adjustable from the cabin (i.s.o. on the machine)
CAR-46751GK2Speed of the cross conveyor adjustable from the cabin (instead of adjustable on the machine)
CAR-48022Syncro Flow via the signal from the tractor ( must have an ISO 11786 or DIN 9684 connector)
CAR-49524GK21 hydraulically driven row divider with 4 chains adjustable from the machine (not for EU)
CAR-49545GSyncro Flow with radar: synchronisation of the speed of the belts related to the driving speed.
CAR-49548SCPExtra harvesting share for celery root
CAR-4955ZShare arm protection: Spring system at the connection of the share arm to the chassis
CAR-6004vyorávacie nože pre červenú repu
CAR-710212XDeduction for not having the hedgehog unit
D-8001APH Group sticker