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Self-propelled harvesting machine, model Slide FW 180 for baby leaf

Equipped 4 wheels drive with truck wheel on demand (min. 1450 mm).

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Equipped 4 wheels drive with truck wheel on demand (min. 1450 mm).

Standard equipment:
- stainless steel belt support;
- standard blade sidelight till 40 cm;
- cutting belt turning on self-centering pulleys covered by rubber that guarantee for a better liability and life of the blade;
- lateral room space (23 cm on each side, where the pulleys are mounted). It avoids to ruin the product on both side of the machine;
- cutting system with single blade;
- hydraulic cutting height device in the panel control with level indicator;
- hydraulic belt movement;
- adjustable belt speed by manual valve;
- temporary electric stop device in the forward movement and recovery at the same speed;
- belt according to the law for nourishing product;
- changeable capacity pump;
- kubota engine, 4 cylinders, 32hp;
- proportional speed from 0 till 10 km/h;
- hydrostatic proportional forward movement with joystick. During the work, possibility to start the automatic forward movement and homing devices and to set the desired working speed;
- driving system with automatic pilot;
- box support to fill them higgledy-piggledy;
- standard platform: max length 2300 mm (width depends on the model).


SLIDEFW.106Harvesting system for single row complete with 1 couple of waved
SLIDEFW.14Высота среза регулируется пропорциональным электрогидравлическим датчиком

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