Hortech - 2

Self-propelled harvesting machine, for baby leaf, model Slide FW Small 130

Equipped with 2 wheels drive

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Equipped with 2 wheels drive

Standard equipment:
- Belt width 130cm
- Stainless steel belt support;
- Standard blade sidelight till 40 cm;
- Cutting belt turning on self-centering pulleys covered by rubber that guarantee for a better liability and life of the blade;
- Lateral room space (23 cm on each side, where the pulleys are mounted). It avoids to ruin the product on both side of the machine;
- Cutting system with single blade;
- Belt cleaning scraper
- Manual cutting height device with level indicator placed on the panel control;
- Hydraulic belt movement;
- Adjustable belt speed by manual valve;
- Temporary electric stop device in the forward movement and recovery at the same speed;
- Belt according to the law for nourishing product;
- Changeable capacity pump;
- Kubota engine, 3 cylinders, 20 hp;
- Driving system with steering wheel;
- Proportional speed from 0 till 10 km/h;
- Double feed system;
- Box support to fill them higgledy-piggledy;
- Back footboard for operator.
- Tray holder for empty boxes over the machine.


SLIDEFWS.09Lightning set
SLIDEFWS.10Lateral footboard, auxiliary box holder
SLIDEFWS.12Cutting height controlled by a mechanic roller
SLIDEFWS.13Cutting height controlled by a proportional electro-hydraulic Sensor.
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