Manter — Manter 12 head weigher for weighing different type of products. The MD12 has 12 weighing buckets in 2 rows of 6 opposite of each other. The product will be divided with a dividing belt over the 2 hoppers of the weigher. The hoppers divide the product over the vibrating lanes. Vibrating lanes feed the weighing buckets. Furthermore, Manter weighers are known for the following characteristics: — Heavily constructed frame that absorbs vibrations- Vibrating part is separated from weighing part resulting in high accuracy — An user friendly terminal — Lowest TCO available in the market


Manter — Комбинационный дозатор MD12


Комбинационный дозатор Manter MD12 разработан для взвешивания различных типов продуктов. Дозатор MD1…



1* depending on product volume:
2* depending on weight and discharge system:
Air consumption (conditioned dry air): 300ltr/min at 6 bar
Bucket dimensions (mm): 234x180x367
Capacity at 2,5 kg bags: 60 pcs/minute (1* &amp