Manter — Combination weigher for accurate weighing of potatoes, onions, citrus fruits and a variety of food and non-food products. Produce falling on the weigher first stays in a dosing hopper that is acting like a buffer. A vibrating motor underneath the dosing hopper makes sure that the vibrating lanes are fed. The vibrating lanes provide a gentle and trouble free supply into the weighing buckets. By selecting an optimal combination, out of the weighed buckets, the weigher is able to work accurately at a high production rate. Data and communications are provided on a LCD screen in a user friendly format. The most efficient settings for each specific packing application can be entered into the memory and called up to function by the touch of a button. The weigher is able to control a maximum of three packaging machines, two at the same time. Furthermore, Manter weighers are known for the following characteristics: — Heavily constructed frame that absorbs vibrations — Vibrating part is separated from weighing part resulting in high accuracy — An user friendly terminal — Lowest TCO available in the market


Manter — Комбинационный дозатор М8


Комбинационный дозатор был разработан для взвешивания картофеля, лука и прочих пищевых и непищевых п…



1* depending on product volume:
2* depending on weight and discharge system:
3* 3x 220 volt 60/Hz + GND is optional:
Air consumption (conditioned dry air): 100l/min at 6 bar
Bucket dimensions (mm): 230 x 180 x 410
Capacity at 2,5 kg bags: 28 pcs/minute (1* &amp