Manter — Combination weigher, built in SST, especially for longer products like carrots and parsnips. Produce falling on the weigher moves from the dosing hopper into the extra long vibrating lanes. The vibrating lanes provide a gentle and trouble free supply into the special carrot weighing buckets. The separation panels between the vibrating lanes move up and down to direct the carrot in the direction of the lane. Buckets allow carrots up to a length of 350 mm. By selecting an optimal combination, out of the weighed buckets, the weigher is able to work accurately at a high production rate. Data and communications are provided on a touch screen in an user friendly format. Furthermore, Manter weighers are known for the following characteristics: — Heavily constructed frame that absorbs vibrations — Vibrating part is separated from weighing part resulting in high accuracy — An user friendly terminal — Lowest TCO available in the market


Manter — Комбинационный дозатор для моркови M10 CA


Комбинационный дозатор Manter M 10 CA, изготовленный из нержавеющей стали, был разработан



1* depending on product and bag:
2* depending on weight and discharge system:
Air consumption (conditioned dry air): 125 ltr/min
Bucket dimensions (mm): 469 x 180 x 330
Capacity at 2,5 kg up to: 32 pcs/min (1* &amp