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Weighing and bagging machine 9000 SE

The weighing and bagging machines assure quick and very accurate net weighing.

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The weighing and bagging machines assure quick and very accurate net weighing.

The next weighing cycle starts directly after discharging the weighing bin. In the meantime, the filled bags can be closed and transported. Not a second is lost. Use of a main filling belt and a narrow topping-up belt ensure the accurate dosage.

The weighing and bagging machine comes standard with vertically adjusted bag platform and foot-operated valve openers. The platform-weighing machine is easily adjustable. This model is suitable for weighing from 5 till 50 kg. Also carrots = 20 cm. & red beets = 100 mm. can be handled by this model. The weighing range for these carrots & red beets is 25 - 50 kg.

- Machine is suitable for weighing and bagging in one operation.
- Weighing range is variable adjustable from 5 till 50 kg. (optional outlets not standard included)
- Weighing by means of a bascule, in a rubber covered weighing bin.
- Both belts are separately driven by gearmotors.
- The weighing bin is opened by a foot pedal which is mounted on the right side of the machine.
- An outlet for 50kg bags is standard included.


Capacity (t/hr)11 (220 x 50 kg.)
Input height (mm)70
Input width (cm)90
Width dosing conveyor (mm)100
Width main conveyor (mm)400
Weighing range in one dump (kg)5 - 50
Power requirement (kW)1,12
LxWxH (cm)350x80x250
Weight (kg)440


72002082Extra outlet for 12,5 kg bags (standard 50 kg outlet delivered)
74004266Extra outlet for 5 kg bags (standard 50 kg outlet delivered)
74004267Extra outlet for 25 kg bags (standard 50 kg outlet delivered)
80004050Balancer for NP7A sewing machnie
A0010002Outlet for paper bags of 25 kg.
A0010009Bunker full sensor
A0020003Valve for accurate weighing for 5, 10 and 12,5kg
A0030002Bag counter
A0030004Carrot belts i.s.o. standard belts
A0030008Pneumatic valve opener (requires 7 bar and 100ltr/min)
E3020000Sewing belt, model NB2040 (in combination with weigher option A0030008 is recommended)
E9990072Sewing machine NP7A (one line)
E9990081Semi automatic sewing-system, incl. v-belt bag input and sewing machine NP7 (no sewing belt)
M1000049V00Line control cable 5 meter
M1000050V00Line control cable 10 meter