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Omnivent – For smaller systems the most efficient cooling systems are direct systems (DX). The DX system is pro…

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For smaller systems the most efficient cooling systems are direct systems (DX). The DX system is proven technology which makes use of Freon as a refrigerant. The components of the DX system refrigeration loop are: evaporator, compressor, condenser, expansion valve and unit controls.

Evaporators are mounted in the cooling cell with the condenser and compressor outside the cell.

In a direct-expansion (DX) system, the evaporator is in direct contact with the air stream, so the cooling coil of the airside loop is also the evaporator of the refrigeration loop. The term “direct” refers to the position of the evaporator with respect to the airside loop.

The term expansion refers to the method used to introduce the refrigerant into the cooling coil. The liquid refrigerant passes through an expansion valve just before entering the cooling coil (the evaporator). This expansion valve reduces the pressure and temperature of the refrigerant to the point where it is colder than the air passing through the coil.

Several traditional refrigerants are not allowed anymore within Europe. R22 for example cannot be used after 2015 according European legislation. Omnivent can help to find the most attractive solutions for your customers.

Request of quotations
Standard installations do not exist in refrigeration technology. Please supply as much information as possible when you make a request for an offer. Please specify at least the following items in your request:
-Vegetable species
-In case of potatoes, specify the type (seed, table, commercial)
-Required amount (in MT)
-Required section size
-Local climate conditions
-Speed of product in- and outtake
-Insulation value of the walls and roof
-Possible location for compressor and condenser