Dewulf – Potato harvester RJA 3060


Dewulf – Dewulf’s 2-row self-propelled, off set harvester with large bunker.
Equipped with 3 hydraulic driven…

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Dewulf’s 2-row self-propelled, off set harvester with large bunker.
Equipped with 3 hydraulic driven sieving webs, the Dewulf R3060 provides small drops and excellent sieving capacity. The advantage of the hydraulic driven webs is that the direction and speed of all webs are adjustable depending on the field conditions.
The R3060 comes standard equipped with a front mounted, modern haulm separator manufactured from wear-resistant Hardox steel and equipped with depth control and side-shift. This results in perfect positioning along the ridges and optimal removal of the haulm, even in the curves. The depth can be adjusted automatically from the cabin.

R3060 adapt the technique of offset harvesting, which makes sure that the ridges are not compressed and the soil can be sieved much better. With the combination of speed adjustable agitators in the web(s) a great sieving result will be achieved. Agitators can also be switched on/off from the cabin.

The wide, open ring elevator fills homogeneously across the entire width, rotates slower and hence maintains its sieving capacity. This way, quality losses are reduced to a minimum.

The inspection table offers space for >4 people to visual inspect the product before it reaches the 7 tons bunker.
The inspection table ends directly in the bunker, where the product will be stored.
The bunker create a smooth and product friendly transition of the product to a trailer.
The design of the bunker makes it possible to unload the bunker while harvesting continuous, this is increasing the productivity up to 25%!

Stability of the machine is an important aspect regarding the intake of the product. Too much balancing of the machine can have a negative effect of this. Large wheels ensures an optimal stability and ground clearance in the field. In combination with a balanced weight distribution, low ground pressure is obtained.

The robust mono chassis guarantees a superior durability with a low weight. The open construction provides a considerably improved view of the harvesting process.

Standard you have an easily and quick access to all main components in order to do the proper maintenance. Beside of that Dewulf’s machines are equipped with standard parts which are worldwide easily available.

Dewulf R3060 creates an ergonomic way of working, which enables the operator to work in a friendly environment, in order to optimize the harvesting quality, even during long days of working.
The new control via the ergonomic joystick, (which is very comfortable in the hand and easy to operate) harvesting display and traction display allow the driver to operate the machine easily and comfortably.
All controls have been placed close to the operator to allow easy and convenient operation.
There are pedals to operate the rear steering and levelling of the machine. In the cabin, the entire product flow can be monitored using the cameras and colour monitor(s).

Unique points:
– Possibility to be adapted to all kind of field circumstances
– High capacity
– Strong and open chassis
– Proven and tested worldwide
– Professional control system for drive (DCU) and harvesting (HCU) control with user friendly joystick
– Maintenance-free components
– Standard spare parts, worldwide available
– Fully hydraulic control
– Large wheels, which guarantees drive ability in all conditions
– Very manoeuverable machine
– Unloading of the bunker while harvesting continuous (+25% productivity increase!)
– Haulm roller between 2nd and 3rd web
– 1 Hedgehog belt with adjustable speed and inclination, as an additional cleaning
– Clod/stone separator system
– Cleaning module: axial rollers with speed and angle adjustment
– Making use of the advantage: that product is first passing over the wide lower hedgehog belt which breaks up the large clods before they reach the axial rollers. This result in great sieving capacity
– Different, interchangeable cleaning module possibilities (Easy Clean module and/or web module)

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Bunker capacity (kg): 7.500
Drive: Hydrostatic
Engine: Scania Tier IV 350hP
Harvesting webs (pcs.): 3
Haulm rollers (pcs.): 1
LxWxH (cm): 1.280 x 350 x 400
Rows (no.): 2
Weight (kg): 19.750
Width of 1st web (mm): 1.500
Width of 2nd and 3rd web (mm): 1.650