Trailed potato cup planter CP 42P – 75cm Hydraulic

The Miedema CP potato planters combine the accuracy of the well-known cup planting system, with reliability

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The Miedema CP potato planters combine the accuracy of the well-known cup planting system, with reliability
and high capacity. With the CP potato planter you are assured of a fixed distance between the tubers. The
specially designed planting cups are suitable for various types of tubers. The large upper roller enables the user
to plant accurately at high driving speeds. In combination with the large hydraulically tipping bunker this results
in maximum capacity.
 Length adjustable drawbar fitted with cylinder to lift the machine horizontally
 Large hydraulically tipping bunker
 Standard manually adjustable choke before the planting elements to regulate the flow of tubers
 Standard mechanically driven moving bed to assure a constant flow of tubers from the bunker
 Standard smart design planting cup (yellow) with effective brush cleaners
 Electrical vibrator on the planting belts to avoid double tubers
 Large upper roller to assure a quiet return of the planting belt at high driving speed
 The planting tube is forwardly inclined in order to position the tuber always at the front of the planting tube
 Small lower roller to assure fast turning of the planting belt
 Minimal drop of tuber in the furrow to assure accurate planting distance
 Specially designed furrow opener to minimize pulling resistance
 The furrow openers and depth control wheels are suspended from the machine by a parallelogram shaped
 Wedge shaped furrow shape to assure centering of the tubers in the furrow
 Convex shaped covering discs with Ø 41 cm for optimal covering of the tubers
 4 large drive wheels with tractor thread
 Standard road lightning which is mounted in the recessed of the hopper to avoid damage


Number of rows4x75cm
Width (mm)3000
Hopper volume (kg)3300
Row distance (cm)75
HopperHydraulic tipping
Tractor connectionTrailed
Plant distance (cm)3,8-50 per 0,1 cm
Tyres rear4 wheels (D=860, W290)
Wheel track (cm)2x75
Power requirement (hp)100
Weight (kg)2500


10074420Chisels between the ridges of hood
10105090-2Cup belt >35 mm (yellow)
10105100-2Cup belt >50 mm (dark green)
10105380Powder applicator 75 cm
10105880Marker hydraulic via PM-Control
10107150Depth control wheel single left
10107160Depth control wheel single right
10107350Discs on markers
10107360Scrapers on marker
10110820Marker mechanical manual control
10111970Insert cups 20-40 mm (red) per 4 row
10111990Insert cups 35-50 mm (light green) per 4 row
10112090Electric vibrator via PM-Control
101124003 Shearing pin stems for ridging hood
10112850Row-Stop (1-2-3-4) via PM-Control
101177502nd MR-Control sensor
10118570Track scraper tractor wheel single
10118580Track scraper tractor wheel double
10118800Row Stop&Shift via PM-Control
10118930-2Container powder applicator 25 kg per container
10119200Soil deflector next to opener beam
10119260Row-Stop (1-2-3-4) manual control
10119270HMI GPS Planting-Comfort
10121190Preparation hydraulic drive application
10122060Extra hydraulic valve double acting max 25 l/min
10122140Granulate applicator via PM-Control
10122380-2Cup belt >50 mm (purple)
10123600Preparation GPS antenna
10124380Connection box for external GPS wheel steering
10124430Pump 70 l/min via tractor PTO 1.3/8'' 6 splines
10126080Ridge scraper via PM-Control behind ridge former
10202210Marker hydraulic tractor controlled
10202310Tipping hopper hydraulic via PM-Control
10202690PTO tractorside 1.3/8'' 6 splines
102027704 Wheels Radiaal (D=980, B=320)
10207390Swivelling drawbar
10209300Automatic tipping PM-Control (incl. hydr. hopper)
10210060PTO Tractorside 1.3/4'' 20 splines
10210070PTO Tractorside 1.3/8'' 21 splines
10210080PTO tractorside 1.3/4'' 6 splines
10210160PTO tractorside D8x32x38 (8 splines)
10210170Wide angle PTO tractorside 80° D8x32x38 80°
10210180Wide angle PTO tractorside 80° 1.3/8'' 6 splns
10210190Wide angle PTO tractorside 80° 1.3/8'' 21 splns
10210200Wide angle PTO tractorside 80° 1.3/4'' 6 splns
10210210Wide angle PTO tractorside 80° 1.3/4'' 20 splns
10210700Rear axle ass'y with brakes
10210800Steered rear wheels (14°) via PM-Control
10210880Air brake system CP42P
10211020Ridging hood 4x 75 cm (Top width 18/23 cm)
10211110Angle sensor set for external GPS control
10211130Hydraulics for filling belt tractor controlled
10211640Controls 1 section, elec. operated, Farmer
10211650Controls 1 section, elec. operated, Regular
10211660Controls 2 sections, elec. operated, Farmer
10211670Controls 2 sections, elec. operated, Regular
10211680Tank 2x400 liter
10211820Controls 2 sections, electrical, Premium
10211900Ridging ploughs 4x 75 cm
10212150Rear axle ass'y without brakes
10212250Controls 1 section, elec. operated, Premium
10212270Pump 108 l/min hydraulic drive via tractor
10212580Hydraulic drive with PM-Control (75 cm) + HMI
10212680MR-Control CP42 ridging ploughs
10212690Ridge scraper cage rollers via PM-Control
10212710Pump 108 l/min hydraulic drive via PM-Control
10212730Hydraulic lift/lowering via PM-Control
10212740Hydraulic lift/lowering Smart-Float
10212750Mechanical height adjustment of the door frame
10212760Swivelling drawbar hydraulics via PM-Control
10213010Spray line kit 2 nozzles/row
10213020Spray line kit 2 nozzles/row (1+4/2+3)
10213030Spray line kit 3 nozzles/row
10213040Spray line kit 3 nozzles/row (1+4 / 2+3)
10213090Fixed rear axle
10213130Parts power harrow
10213900Electric valve+filter, 1 section
10213910Electric valve+filter, 2 sections (row 1+4/2+3)
102140704 Wheels (D=1020, B=292)
10214170Cage rollers low 4 rows
10214180Cage rollers high 4 rows
10214200Air brake system CP42P France
10219970Anti-drift spray nozzle 90-015C - 2 nozzles/row
10219980Anti-drift spray nozzle 90-015C - 3 nozzles/row
10219990Anti-drift spray nozzle 90-0067C - 2 nozzles/row
10220000Anti-drift spray nozzle 90-0067C - 3 nozzles/row
10220010Anti-drift spray nozzle 90-01C - 2 nozzles/row
10220020Anti-drift spray nozzle 90-01C - 3 nozzles/row
10220110Portal drawbar construction tractor
10220120Portal drawbar construction rotary cultivator
10220130Movable part arch type drawbar sloping
10220140Movable part arch type drawbar straight
10220290Hydraulic lift/lowering Portal drawbar
10220820External suction hose
10221500Furrow opener 4 rows
10221510Furrow opener 4 rows Quad Planting
10221690Markings and lights on hopper
10221700Markings and lights on ridginghood
10506690Extra side boards Ferti-Flow (+550 liter)
10507130Row-Stop (1-2-3-4) Ferti-Flow
10507330Row-Stop (1+4) Ferti-Flow (spraytrack)
10507340Ferti-Flow row fertilizer (1.100 liter)
10512500Tarpaulin Ferti-Flow
10514210Extra side boards Ferti-Flow (+1.100 liter)
10514250Hydraulic drive
10515210Joystick with 5 functions for HMI
10521430-2Depth control wheel single Ferti-Flow
10521500-2Depth control wheel double Ferti-Flow
10521940Row-Stop (1-2-3-4) manual control Ferti-Flow
10524680Erosion-Stop 4x75cm
10525270Hydraulic Erosion-Stop via PM-Control
10526500Lifting Erosion-Stop tractor controlled
10958200Load-Sensing amplifier Bucher valve bank
10985810HMI GPS Planting-Control
11161620Container transportset CP 42 P EVO
11168510Ladder and platform
11199450Towing Eye Scharmüller round 40
11199460Towing Eye Scharmüller round 50
11199470Ball head coupling K80 Scharmüller
11202640Towing Eye Scharmüller Ball Eye round 51, Cat. 4
11238910Elevation set
MON4ROWTChemical kit, 2x 300L tank, pump, pressure regulator and hoses
MON4ROWZIBChemical kit, 2x 300L tank + tank frame, pump, pressure regulator and hoses
ZZ1302APH01-75Zibo fertilizer unit, hydr. driven with discs, hopper 670 ltr. - 4x75cm.
ZZ1302APH02-75Zibo fertilizer unit, hydr. driven with discs, hopper 670 ltr. + frame for chemical tanks - 4x75cm.
ZZ1302APH05Walking platform + one foldable stair in front of the hopper