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Tractor mounted potato belt planter Structural 4000 – 75 cm hydraulic


Tractor mounted potato belt planter Structural 4000 – 75 cm hydraulic

With over 30 years of experience, Structural is the specialist in belt planters on the market. The machine is

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With over 30 years of experience, Structural is the specialist in belt planters on the market. The machine is
suitable for large, small, cut and elongated tubers. From the bunker the tubers are presented on a buffer
conveyor. The buffer conveyor transports the tubers on the wide belt conveyor, where the tubers are being
singulated in 1 row. This singulation assures the correct quantity of tubers which are planted in the row, even
at high driving speeds and with varied tuber sizes. The belt planting system makes the Structural planter
extremely suitable for planting pre-sprouted tubers as well. Because of the minimal drops and the
germination-friendly belt system, the sprout damages are being reduces to a minimum.
 Large hopper with standard inspection grids and large tipping angle
 Mechanical vibration system to assure proper singulation of the tubers
 Splitter underneath the supply belt to assure continuous singulation of the tubers
 Wedge shaped furrow opener to assure centering of the tubers in the furrow
 Convex shaped covering discs with Ø 41 cm for optimal covering of the tubers
 Standard road lightning which is mounted in the recessed of the hopper to avoid damage
 The machine is equipped with 2 large wheels for easy movement
 Tractor connection with 3-point
 Standard hydraulically driven machine
 PM-Control and HMI operating display in the tractor


Number of rows4
Row distance (cm)75
HopperHydraulic tipping
Bunker capacity (kg)3000
Working width (cm)4x75
Tractor connectionTractor mounted
Plant distance (cm)3,8-50 per 0,1 cm
Tyres rearRadial 9.5 R32
Wheel track (cm)300
Power requirement (hp)140
Weight (kg)2950


10107350Discs on markers
10107360Scrapers on marker
10110820Marker mechanical manual control
10119270HMI GPS Planting-Comfort
10121190Preparation hydraulic drive application
10122060Extra hydraulic valve double acting max 25 l/min
10124430Pump 70 l/min via tractor PTO 1.3/8'' 6 splines
10126370Controls 1 section, elec. operated, Regular
10126380Controls 2 sections, elec. operated, Premium
10126390Controls 2 sections, elec. operated, Regular
10126400Pump 70 l/min via tractor PTO 1.3/8'' 6 sp. Farmer
10212830Front tank 400 liter
10212860Controls 1 section, manually operated, Farmer
10213640Controls 1 section, elec. operated, Premium
10214120Covering discs with scrapers
10214130Notched covering discs with scrapers
10219980Anti-drift spray nozzle 90-015C - 3 nozzles/row
10220000Anti-drift spray nozzle 90-0067C - 3 nozzles/row
10220020Anti-drift spray nozzle 90-01C - 3 nozzles/row
10220060Pump 108 l/min hydraulic drive tractor controlled
10220820External suction hose
10504870Hydraulic control opener beam via PM-Control
10507740Backboard supply control
10509170Row-Stop (1-2-3-4) via PM-Control
10509230Row-Stop (1+4) via PM-Control (spraytrack)
10509290Row-Stop (1-2-3-4) manual control
10510800Depth control wheel single left
10510810Depth control wheel single right
10511510Marker hydraulic via PM-Control
10512920Ridging hood 4x 75 cm under machine
10515210Joystick with 5 functions for HMI
10517980MR-Control left and right seperate controlled
10518070Stone protection ridge former (75-80cm)
10521900Load-Sensing amplifier Bucher valve bank
10522230Granulate applicator via PM-Control
10524900Tipping hopper 3.000 kg
10525380Hydraulic drive with PM-Control
10525410PM-Control with HMI planter valve block controlled
10525490Hydraulic hopper via PM-Control
10525500Automatic tipping PM-Control (incl. hydr. hopper)
10525800Ridge scraper hydraulic via PM-Control
10527840Chisels between the ridges of hood
10528470Spray set 3 nozzles/row
10528550Spray set 3 nozzles/row (1+4 / 2+3)
10528590Pump 108 l/min hydraulic drive via PM-Control
10529010-2Fill-Control on planting belts by HMI
10529250-2Fill-Control on belts by HMI and backboard
10529370Depth control wheel single middle
10529980Electric valve+filter, 1 section
10529990Electric valve+filter, 2 sections (row 1+4/2+3)
10560450Set for plantingdistance < 30 cm
10855390-2Furrow opener high with chisel
10855400-2Furrow opener low with chisel
10873220-2Splitting bar furrow opener
108833502 Tractor wheels (D=1245, W=240)
10985810HMI GPS Planting-Control
E6002081MS 4000 LED work lights
MON4ROWMChemical kit, 1x 300L tank + tank frame, pump, pressure regulator and hoses
TRACKWIDTH3000Track width 3000