Super rain 790 GX 110/420

RM super rain 790 GX 110/420

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RM super rain 790 GX 110/420

This machine features a revolving turret on a flat base, automatically lifted rain gun carriage and telescopic rear legs. The rewinding system featured by RM Super Rain hose-reel irrigation machines is achieved by means of a turbine and very high efficiency reduction unit assembly. The technical construction of the assembly has been obtained by coupling the flow distributing RM turbine to a 4- speed gearbox-reduction unit. This means that there is no turbine-gearbox transmission belt, thus achieving greater simplicity from a mechanical aspect along with a very compact system. The flow distributing RM turbine is of distinctly superior quality, being made of aluminum alloy with a build-in by-pass and throttle valve in stainless steel: the water is separated in the turbine and only the quantity required for correct operation is delivered to the impeller. This system optimizes pressure losses, always achieving maximum power in relation to the operating pressure.

RM guiding lights:
- Totally reliable operation
- Operation at a very low pressure and with a minimum power draw thanks to the efficient and rational mechanics
- Very compact, small sized machines; very easily handled thanks to their wide tracks and short length
- Simple use and elementary manoeuvres for both operation and adjustments
- Pleasant and industrialized design

The machine is standard equipped with:
- Automatic lifting device of trolley
- Hydraulic telescopic feet
- 4-speed gearbox
- P.T.O.
- Turbine mounted on gearbox with built-in by-pass
- Flexible connection hose with Bauer joints (4,5mtr.)
- Sprinkler trolley mounted on 3 variable track tyres (with regulation for very small spam), hot-galvanised, rotating front wheel
- SIME sprinkler
- Set of 4 nozzles with different diameters
- Winding handle
- Speed equalizer
- Tachometer with clock
- "CE" safety guards
- Ball joint on trolley
- Pair of balance for trailer
- Hot galvanised chassis
- Water inlet on both sides with Bauer joints

For prices of the several possible options or supply hoses and joints, please contact APH

Possible length/diameter:
length: 300 - 480 m
diameter: 120 - 100 mm