Potato harvester 7580RB40-45

Imac 1-row off set, potato bunker harvester, has been designed to obtain high outputs with keeping track on

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Imac 1-row off set, potato bunker harvester, has been designed to obtain high outputs with keeping track on
potato quality.
From the cabin of the tractor there is a great view created on the first part of the wide harvesting channel. Here
for the driver can change settings depending on the conditions. The settings can be changed on the operator
terminal which is mounted in the cabin as well.
With 2 sievings webs and a haulm web a great sieving capacity is achieved, even in difficult circumstances.
From the 2nd sieving web, the potatoes are transported to an adjustable hedgehobelt, from here potatoes are
transported by a large flat hedgehogbelt to the clod/stone seperator. Here the clod/stones will be separated
from the potatoes. The potatoes are transported smoothly to the inspection table (up to 7 persons) for the final
On the inspection platform is mounted as well an additional terminal to change settings.
The clod/stones are transported by a retaining roller to the reject conveyor, from this conveyor manually can be
taken away some remaining potatoes, which can be put back on the inspection table.
The clod/stones are transported by the reject conveyor to a discharge conveyor to discharge the clod/stones
to the outside of the machine.
In totally 2 sets of sorting rollers are mounted at the inspection table. 1 Set with a fixed size and the other one with an adjustable size.
From both sets the undersize is guided by a chute to the field.
The machine is made very manoeuvrable so it will be very easy to operate especially on smaller fields.

Unique points:
- Large bunker
- High capacity
- Professional control panel in cabin of tractor
- Low maintenance
- Very manoeuverable machine
- Easy to operate
- High cleaning capacity (hedgehog unit, clod/stone separator and haulm web)
- Additional hedgehogbelt and discharge conveyor
- Reducing of falling heights


Bunker capacity (kg)4.500
Width of web (cm)75 (1st web) pitch 40mm (11mm bar diameter)
Width of web (cm)80 (2nd web) pitch 35mm (11mm bar diameter)
AgitatorsStandard on 1st web
Hedgehog belt2 pcs - both hydraulic criven with electrical angel adjustment
Max. height of discharge of the hopper (cm)400
Min. Height of discharge of the hopper (cm)128
Sorting rollers2 Sets - with a fixed and an adjustable size
Cylinder on the poleStandard
Steering wheelsStandard
Tyres550/6 - 22,5
Hydraulic outlets required2x DA
Power requirement (hp)90
Amount of splines PTO shaft6
LxWxH (cm)900 x 295 x 310
Weight (kg)6.400


175302Hydraulic weight support of the harvesting channel with nitrogen ball
175303Hydraulically driven grass cutting discs
1753042 Speed gearbox
175305Hydraulic equipment for harvesting in 2 phases with rubber paddles and rotor shaft
175306Onion lifting kit with synthetic roller
175310Seperation kit for stones with hydraulically rotary brush+retaining roller (i.s.o. rotary fingers)
175312Stone hopper (with hydraulic opening)
175314Separation kit for small potatoes with hopper and hydraulically driven discharge web
175315Fall-breaker at the end of the hopper
175316Road lights
175318Automatic centring of sieving channel
175319Automatic centring of the wheels
175323Automatic depth control harvesting channel + automatic hopper filling with sensor
175324Electric adjustment of the agitator of the 1st web
175325Tyre 700/50 - 22,5 (1 pc)
1753261 Monitor with 2 camera’s
175327Parasol roof
175331Additional control box
175332Breaking system (oil or compressed air)
182.844PTO shaft adapter from 6 spline to 8 spline
APH OPTIMA001Packing and partial disassembling (to load on a normal truck)