MP 40 minituber planter 4 row 75 cm. track 300 cm

Planting machine especially designed for planting of minitubers.

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Planting machine especially designed for planting of minitubers.

Every row is equipped with a dosing belt including a vibrating plate on top of it which makes that the minitubers are in one equal line behind each other at the end of the belt. From the end of the belt the tubers are guided downwards by a pintle belt which drops the tubers one by one in the soil. Because the tubers are guided downwards until they are very close to the surface of the field there is almost no rolling of the tubers when they are dropped. By the parallelogram an equal planting depth is guaranteed and the same wheel gives also a little bit pressure to the row.


6175001111Sensor set NEW >99% accuracy (per row)
6175001143Controller with hydraulic/electronic control: 4 row
6175001196Height adj. between outlet belt and pintle belt for tuber >35 < 50 mm (per row)
6178475010Fertilizer equipment: 4 row mounted machine 800 ltr 75 cm
PC621140Chemical spray unit for 4 row with 2 nozzles/row 20L pump on PTO and tank 300 liter
PC621142Chemical spray set for 4 row 2 nozzles/r divider and filter without pump, tank and pressure reg
PC624010Marker (manual)
PC624011Marker (hydr.) via tractor
PC629309Gandy (granulate) spreader electr. (12 V.) for 4R 2x28L/2 x 4 outlets
PK35900004Hydr. moving bunker valve to prevent blockage in the bunker for 4 row