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(DUMMY ARTICLE) Potato harvester Torro 2 x 75

Dewulf’s 2-row trailed, off set harvester with bunker.

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Dewulf's 2-row trailed, off set harvester with bunker.

Equipped with 2 mechanical driven webs, the Dewulf Torro provides small drops and good sieving capacity. The Torro adopts the technique of offset harvesting, which makes sure that the
ridges are not compressed and the soil can be sieved much better. With the combination of speed adjustable agitators in the web a good sieving result will be achieved. Agitators can also be switched on/off from the cabin..

The unique curved haulm conveyor results in reducing the drop of the potatoes and at the same time ensures an equal flow resulting in less haulm loss. Additional it is equipped with flights, which create space between haulm web and sieving web 2 resulting in a long gentle separation. The set-up of the haulm conveyor gives also the possibility to install two additional haulm spring sets.

The Torro is equipped with a total flat hedgehog unit existing of flat hedgehog units 1 & 2, installed together on 1 frame with a standard manual inclination of the total by top link.

The hydraulic driven long discharge conveyor offers space for 7 people. It's speed is adjustable from the cabin and the platform. Top of the conveyor moves up and down with hydraulic cylinder.

The classic bunker create a smooth and product friendly transition of the product to a trailer. Equipped with double hydraulic drive, creating less torsion on the driveshaft and less distortion of the bunker frame and chains.

The Torro is developed with an eye on gravity to ensure a great stability in operation and on the road. Potato friendliness and the right weight distribution of the harvester on the soil make the harvester unique. The machine is equipped with standard parts which are worldwide easily available.

Unique points:
- Potato friendly
- Pulled oscillating Harvesting unit (HU)
- Optional Inclino master® on the Harvesting Unit for checking and correcting field and HU inclination
- Integrated Quick Change System of diabolo kit for different harvesting kits
- Power train existing of basic 2 speed PTO driveline with optional 3rd extra low speed or hydraulic
- Curved haulm web
- 2 flat Hedgehog belts with adjustable speed, as an additional cleaning
- Professional control unit + joystick in the cabin of tractor
- Maintenance-free components
- Standard spare parts, worldwide available
- Mechanical driven webs
- Very maneuverable machine

Including the following options:

 DAS (Dewulf Automatic Steering)
 APC (Automatic Pressure Contol) adjustable weight relief on the harvesting unit, adjustable per 1 bar
 QCS potato kit half diabolos: 1.650 /750 / 475 / 420 / 60 / no / yes (harvesting unit width / row distance / share width / diabolo width / haulm intake roller width/ central discs / central share)
 Share protection: stone security on the 2 harvesting shares (break bolt system)
 Central discs assembly, assembled on the machine
 Extra gearbox in the drive line for slower speed of the sieving web 1, sieving web 2 and haulm web
 Intensity of the mechanically driven agitator in sieving conveyor 1 adjustable from the cabin
 Hydraulically driven deflecting belt (instead of deflecting rollers on flat hedgehog unit 2): 3 rows of rubber studs, speed adjustable from the cabin and platform, height of the deflecting belt is mechanically adjustable from the platform (when choosing this option, you also need to add option D-4740T)
 Waste conveyor next to the discharge conveyor, 1 additional deflecting roller (speed in relation with hedgehog unit 2)
 Automatic height adjustment of top of the discharge conveyor
 Bunker with Loading optimization (sail)


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