Miedema – Trailed potato cup planter CP 42P – 75cm Hydraulic


Miedema – The Miedema CP potato planters combine the accuracy of the well-known cup planting system, with reli…

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The Miedema CP potato planters combine the accuracy of the well-known cup planting system, with reliability
and high capacity. With the CP potato planter you are assured of a fixed distance between the tubers. The
specially designed planting cups are suitable for various types of tubers. The large upper roller enables the user
to plant accurately at high driving speeds. In combination with the large hydraulically tipping bunker this results
in maximum capacity.
• Length adjustable drawbar fitted with cylinder to lift the machine horizontally
• Large hydraulically tipping bunker
• Standard manually adjustable choke before the planting elements to regulate the flow of tubers
• Standard mechanically driven moving bed to assure a constant flow of tubers from the bunker
• Standard smart design planting cup (yellow) with effective brush cleaners
• Electrical vibrator on the planting belts to avoid double tubers
• Large upper roller to assure a quiet return of the planting belt at high driving speed
• The planting tube is forwardly inclined in order to position the tuber always at the front of the planting tube
• Small lower roller to assure fast turning of the planting belt
• Minimal drop of tuber in the furrow to assure accurate planting distance
• Specially designed furrow opener to minimize pulling resistance
• The furrow openers and depth control wheels are suspended from the machine by a parallelogram shaped
• Wedge shaped furrow shape to assure centering of the tubers in the furrow
• Convex shaped covering discs with Ø 41 cm for optimal covering of the tubers
• 4 large drive wheels with tractor thread
• Standard road lightning which is mounted in the recessed of the hopper to avoid damage

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Hopper volume (kg): 3300
Hopper: Hydraulic tipping
Number of rows: 4x75cm
Plant distance (cm): 3,8-50 per 0,1 cm
Power requirement (hp): 100
Row distance (cm): 75
Tractor connection: Trailed
Tyres rear: 4 wheels (D=860, W290)
Weight (kg): 2500
Wheel track (cm): 2×75
Width (mm): 3000