Dewulf – Carrot harvester GBC


Dewulf – Dewulf’s 1-row, trailed top lifting harvester with a compact bunker. The pick-up element is fitted w…


Dewulf’s 1-row, trailed top lifting harvester with a compact bunker. The pick-up element is fitted with teethed belts for lifting carrots, turnip, red beet, celeriac, etc. The pick-up element ensures a perfect picking angle and ends in a forced haulm separation unit.
Unique are the ‘Floating Shares’, 2 individual harvesting elements with independent topping knives, whereby maximum stability is guaranteed, even with high speeds. Small up-and-down movements of the pick-up element do not have any influence on the position of the share arms, whereby maximum stability is guaranteed and a better cutting result is achieved.
The haulm separation unit has (per row) 2 set of 6 topping knives and is fitted with ‘Labyrinth Sealing’ in the bearing houses. This provides the highest degree of durability in the market, whereby even the smallest dust particles and aggressive plant fluids cannot gain access to the bearings. Two grease nipples per head lubricate all six topping blades through a central grease channel within the housing.
The drive of the haulm separation unit is done by a maintenance-free 'Gearbox Drive’. Two heavy-duty sprockets ensure a perfect synchronization of the blades. As a result, the tops of the carrots remain undamaged and the topping knives last longer.
From the haulm separation unit, product goes via the sieving web onto the hedgehog belt. The angle of the hedgehog belt can be adjusted to the circumstances.

From the hedgehog belt, a high capacity elevator takes the product to the bunker. Therefore the gooseneck of the elevators folds down into the bunker to decrease falling heights. When lifting up the bunker, the rear side of the bunker goes up at the same time to have a smaller inclination angle from the discharging bottom.

The tractor oil has to be used for the cylinders and the bunker chain, all other hydraulic functions are operated by the hydraulic unit, which is installed on the machine.

Standard you have an easily and quick access to all main components in order to do the proper maintenance. Beside of that our machines are equipped with standard parts which are worldwide easily available.

Unique points:
– Strong and open chassis
– Proven and tested worldwide
– Professional control unit with joystick in the cabin of the tractor
– Topping knives driven by the maintenance-free ‘Gearbox Drive’
– Maintenance-free components
– Standard spare parts, worldwide available
– Very manoeuverable machine
– Easy to operate
– High cleaning capacity (sieving web and hedgehog unit)
– Perfect grip to product by means of teethed belts
– Reduce of falling heights
– Compact bunker

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Amount of splines PTO shaft: 6
Bunker capacity (kg): 3.300
Bunker discharge height (mm) min. – max.: 1.300 – 3.900
Hydraulic outlets required: 1x DA
Length harvesting belts (mm): 10.500
LxWxH (cm): 745x329x361
Power requirement (hp): 80
Rows (no.): 1
Tyres: 2x 600/55R26,5
Weight (kg): 5.500
Width hedgehog belt (mm): 610
Width sieving web (mm): 610