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Dewulf, specialist in harvesting technology for potatoes and carrots, has launched a new generation of the ZK series, 2- and 3-row self-propelled top lifting harvesters with discharge elevator. Its INNOVATIVE features make the ZK series the most RELIABLE harvester in the self-propelled top lifting harvester segment.

The harvesters have the highest level of finish available and are equipped with the latest technologies. One unique feature is the floating shares: two or three harvesting elements which are completely independent in their vertical travel so that each individual harvesting share maintains the desired depth, ensuring maximum stability even at high harvesting speeds. The hydraulic torpedoes underpin the precise cutting result. Thanks to the generously sized 14,000 mm super grip-profile harvesting belts, you can continue harvesting longer when conditions worsen. Each harvesting element can be optionally fitted with two rotary cleaners if more intensive cleaning is required.

The new generation maintenance-free gearbox drive for the cutters turns at higher rpm and has fewer moving parts – yet another example of how Dewulf takes capacity and quality to a new level. Labyrinth sealing is used to hermetically seal the bearings of each cutter set, resulting in the highest durability level available in the market. One hydraulic roller below the cutters prevents the loss of carrots, while a second hydraulic roller is fitted at the entrance of the haulm cover to prevent haulm accumulation at the edge of the cross conveyor. The perfect positioning of the cross conveyor ensures optimal filling of the discharge elevator. Thanks to the long harvesting belts, the discharge elevator is also attached higher on the chassis. The product is therefore transported upward at a significantly lower angle, preventing carrots from sliding back. Combined with a large drive sprocket at the end, this makes it possible to achieve exceptionally product-friendly conveyance at a high capacity. The ZKIIse and ZKIIIse are fitted standard with a hedgehog unit (1000 mm wide and 1680 mm long), guaranteeing a completely clean product, without loss, straight from the land.

The brand new cab offers ultimate comfort and provides an excellent view of the harvesting elements. The ergonomic control by means of a joystick and two control units for the harvesting and driving systems make harvesting with the ZK series absolutely ENJOYABLE. With the optional automatic steering (DAS) the driver can focus fully on the further optimisation of his harvester and the harvesting process. Moreover, with optional remote controls the discharge elevator can be operated from the accompanying tractor. Thanks to the open construction, the entire product flow can be monitored from the cab. Four (optional) cameras give a detailed view of the operation of the cutters, the haulm discharge and the filling of the discharge elevator while also providing a good view when reversing.

Major upgrades were made in the engine compartment, where you will now find a powerful Scania DC9, stage IV Final with 257 kW (350 hp). This engine meets the requirements of the most stringent emission standards and harvests with an ECONOMICAL speed of up to 1600 rpm. Efficient cooling ensures that these machines have no trouble whatsoever with the high temperatures in subtropical regions.

The wheels can be set-up in various configurations to meet the customer’s requirements and guarantee minimum soil compaction. Another option is replacement of the wheels with tracks for harvesting in even the most challenging of conditions.