Snowvalley - 2 (Large)

One of the largest potato producers in China, recently invested in a high sophisticated seed potato cutting line. The seed potatoes are graded in 4 sizes by a 60t/hr Vitech roller grader with a working width of 240cm, the machine is fed by a Miedema MH200 receiving hopper.

The main (graded) size is going to a feeding belt with a smart dividing system integrated in order to supply an even quantity of potatoes to the 4 Miedema PGS seed potato cutters. The potatoes pass a stainless steel singling unit to the 4 lanes before being cut by the driven stainless steel cutting knifes. The reason to mount stainless steel knives is to cut very sharp for a smooth cutting surface and a quick wound recovery.

The knives are continuously decontaminated with brushes and fluid. The fluid is supplied by a 10liter tank, mounted on top of the knifes, the volume can be set per lane. Before the potatoes are being discharged to a collection conveyor, they are first powdered by a stepless adjustable powder applicator to prevent disease spreading through the wounds of the potatoes.

Are you also interested in this efficient solution, please contact your nearest APH representative.