High speed vine killing: The next generation haulm toppers

Last week APH Poland successfully put a 6 row Baselier HFD6LKB550 hydraulic foldable haulm topper into operation at the farm of Mr. Wojciech Baranowski. Mr. Baranowski grows seed potatoes on beds which are de-stoned prior to planting.

The haulm topper is equipped with several options to reach an optimal topping result. The machine is a high speed version to ensure all haulms can be topped at a high working speed. Besides centre plates to guide the topped haulms to the furrows, it is also equipped with low press tires to gently press the ridges after topping so greening of the new tubers is prevented. With over 30% extra rpm’s on the rotor, the tractor rpm’s can even be reduced. Another efficient solution for a professional grower.