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In climates where the growing season is short, it is common to apply fertilizer in the same pass with planting of potatoes. Major advantage: the fertilizer is located very close to the tubers, so the nutrients are available very quickly for the tubers and the distribution is uniform. APH Group offers the choice of 2 different systems on Miedema potato planters:

Miedema Ferti-Flow:

Our partner Miedema has developed a high-standard fertilizer unit called “Ferti-Flow”. It is made out of stainless steel, has large hoppers (2x 500 ltr, extendable to 2x 1.000 litre) and works with dosing valves on a supply belt for each separate row. The drive of the Ferti-Flow is either mechanical with a step wheel (for mechanical driven planters) or hydraulic (with hydraulic driven planters). The fertilizer is applied to the soil by 2 disc coulters for every row. The dosage can be regulated from 100 up to 1.500 litres per hectare. The application is very accurate.

Zibo fertilizer units:

Beside the Ferti-Flow, an alternative is a Zibo fertilizer unit which is working with a simple camshaft system. The camshaft is driven by a hydraulic motor with hose connection to the tractor. It comes with steel hoppers with a content of 670 litres (75 cm row distance) or 780 litres (90cm row distance). With the hydraulically driven fertilizer unit the dosage can be regulated from 100 up to 800 litres per hectare. The fertilizer is applied by 2 disc coulters for every row.

Both systems can be combined with a chemical set.