Samon – Onion lifter 3bed (SU2M) (3 x 1,50) model SU23B150


Samon – The three-bed Samon lifter consists of a foldable frame with three integrated lifters. The PTO of th…

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The three-bed Samon lifter consists of a foldable frame with three integrated lifters. The PTO of the tractor drives the oil pumps which drive the webs. The system is equipped with an oil cooler. The harvesting mechanism, lifting the onions by a rotating bar and a foam filled intake roller, is suitable for all types of field onions, i.e. drilled, module planted or onion sets. The rotating bar system works effectively in both dry and wet conditions.
The machine is equipped with a steered axle to improve manoeuvrability on the headlands. The three beds are spread over two windrows.
The lifter is also equipped with two lifting webs, of which the rear one can be fully adjusted for maximum or minimum agitation. This guarantees perfect cleaning of the product.
Underneath the machine a wide press roller gives a flat, firm surface to the bed, onto which the onions are dropped. At the rear end of the machine adjustable windrowing chutes create an ideal windrow for fast and efficient drying of the product.
The harvester has one single and one pressure free return and its own hydraulic system, which needs a 12 volt connection. is included. Standard the machine will lay the onions in 2 swads, as option alo available to lay onions in 3 beds.

Machine requires a hydraulic Load Sensing connection on the tractor

Unique points:
-High capacity
-Very manoeuvrable
-Independent suspension of the lifters
-Automatic depth control
-Adjustable speed cross conveyors
-Hydraulic adjustable web speed
-Soil free windrows

Additional information


Amount of splines PTO shaft: 6
Hydraulic outlets required: 1x SA + free return
Lifting mechanism: Rotating bar
LxWxH (cm): 700x550x150
Number of webs and pitch (mm): 2(web), 42-42(mm)
Power requirement (hp): 90
PTO shaft: Included
Track width (cm): 150
Weight (kg): 5100
Width of web (mm): 1.250
Working width (cm): 450