Agricola – Vegetable sowing machine SNT 3-290 6TR


Agricola – SNT-3-290 model is suitable for all types of vegetables. The machine is designed for the triple line…


SNT-3-290 model is suitable for all types of vegetables. The machine is designed for the triple line sowing and features three single seeding units, adjustable from 9 to 12 cm This multipurpose machine can be equipped with as many seeding elements as needed to meet the specific requirements of the farmer and according to the different type of seeds. The tool bar ensures easy movement of the elements to obtain the various distances between the rows

Unique points
– The disc turns in the opposite direction of travel. This direction of rotation minimizes bounce of the seeds leading to much more accurate placement.
– Norton gear system provides simple and fast gear change to vary seed spacing.
– All sowing units are equipped with top and bottom singulators to ensure accurate singulation and with four sprockets for the rotation of the disc.
– A separate compressor is used to keep the seed holes in the disc clear, rather than relying of the exhaust of the suction fan. This ensures that only dry and clean air, at the correct pressure, is used. This is particularly important with small seeds, especially if they are dressed or dusty.

Additional information


Agitators: 1 per sowing unit
Coulter: 18x single line
Depth wheels: Rubber front and rear 170 mm wheels
Drive wheels: 2x Adjustable 5.00×15
Gearbox: 1 standard gearbox 10+10
Hopper: 1,5L per element
Min./Max. distance between lines (mm): 40-60
Minimum distance between elements (mm): 300
Power requirement (hp): 45
PTO shaft: 6 splines
Sowing discs: 1 set included to the machine ( to define)
Sowing elements: 6 standard sowing elements
Sowing lines (pcs.): 18
Sowing unit: 3 per element
Toolbar: 2,5 mtr toolbar (wider available as option)
Tractor connection: 3-point hitch cat-2
Wheel track (cm): 150-adjustable