Mafex unit for several applications

The MAFEX Potato and Fruit fine spray unit is based on ULV (Ultra Low Volume) technology, through which the required output volume can be reduced significantly thanks to optimal dispersion of active ingredients with uniform size of droplets. It has been used for many years, in particular for the optimal protection of potato harvest yield with germ inhibitors and fungicides, as well as for fruits with wax and fungicides.

Potato Care (PC) 80

The Potato Care PC is especially designed for the prevention of storage diseases and application of germination inhibitors on seed- and ware potatoes during intake and/or grading. Depending upon the dilution of the agent applied, a coverage of more than 95% can be achieved at an output of 60 tons/hour*. Because the product is constantly rotating on the roller table, full coverage of the tubers is assured. The rollers are installed in such way that both the roller table and the rotation speed of the rollers are adjustable (stepless). The Potato Care PC has its own height adjustable infeed and[...]