Dewulf launches new generation of one- and two-row trailed top lifting harvesters with bunker

Dewulf GBIIDewulf GBI

Dewulf, specialist in potato and carrot harvesting technology, has introduced the GB series of trailed top lifting harvesters with bunker, which includes a number of notable, innovative upgrades. The GBI and GBII guarantee reliable harvesting, even in the most difficult conditions, and do so in the most economical way. Increased productivity, reduced maintenance costs, and ease of use make harvesting with the GB series enjoyable during the most critical time of year.

Featuring a clean-lined design, the GB series has numerous upgrades that substantially increase harvesting capacity and tangibly reduce maintenance. Unique are the ‘floating shares’, one or two individual harvesting elements with independent harvesting shares, which ensure continuous maximum stability, even at high cutting speeds. The optional modified hydraulically-driven torpedoes form the basis for a precise cutting result. Thanks to the generously sized 14.000 mm super grip-profile harvesting belts, you can continue harvesting longer when conditions worsen. Each harvesting element can be optionally fitted with two rotary cleaners if more intensive cleaning is required. With the new generation of maintenance-free ‘Gearbox Drive’ that drives the cutters, Dewulf adds a new dimension to capacity and quality. ‘Labyrinth sealing’ is used to hermetically seal the bearings of each cutters set, resulting in the highest durability level available in the market. A hydraulically driven roller below cutters prevents the loss of carrots. A second hydraulic roller is fitted at the entrance of the haulm cover to prevent accumulation of haulm at the edge of the cross conveyor. Automatic bunker filling ensures optimal utilisation of the 8,2 m³ capacity. The harvester can be optionally equipped with bunker load optimisation, which increases the bunker capacity to an amazing 10 m³.

With the standard wheel configuration – Mitas 620/70 R30 – minimum soil compaction is guaranteed. Four other wheel configurations are also possible to perfectly accommodate the user’s needs. The harvester can be fitted with a side-shift on the left wheel as an option, providing the best stability available in the market. Optional hydraulic drive of both wheels with traction control from the cab makes it possible to harvest in the toughest conditions.

The GB series is equipped with a hedgehog belt that delivers a completely clean product straight from the land. Dewulf has designed for ergonomic operation with a joystick and control-unit, and for those who wish to monitor the harvesting process every step of the product flow, up to four cameras can be fitted.