DCIM100MEDIADewulf Kwatro Xtreme (1)

Dewulf, specialist in harvesting technology for potatoes and carrots, introduces the Kwatro Xtreme as a solution for growers who plant in 4 x 90 cm rows or 1800 mm beds. This new model will replace the current Kwatro 3 x 90 cm.

Potato-friendly, frontal harvesting
Those who want maximum product-friendliness choose frontal harvesting. The Kwatro Xtreme harvesting unit is positioned in front of the tracks so the ridges remain intact. The 900 mm wide tracks and the optional super-wide rear wheel (Mitas 1250 / 50R32) ensure minimum soil compaction so harvesting can continue even in extremely wet conditions. The harvesting unit is equipped with automatic depth control based on two skids (ADC), separate harvesting shares and large, hydraulically driven cutting discs. The harvesting unit is supported by a robust system of support rollers and automatic pressure control (APC). With the skids positioned between the baulks, the harvester automatically follows the rows (DAS).

More sieving surface, improved cleaning
The sieving path consists of a digger web followed by two sieving webs, without constrictions. The digger web consists of two sieving webs, each 1760 mm wide. This width is maintained over the full sieving path, which makes this machine unique in the 4-row, 90 cm, self-propelled segment. With this wide, unobstructed flow in the machine, very high driving speeds can be achieved during harvesting.
After sieving, the product flow reaches the hedgehog unit for an initial, intensive cleaning to guarantee the best possible cleaning result in the following cleaning module (sieving, 36-roller axial module or Flexyclean® module). Subsequently, the three-section distribution belt spreads the potatoes across the entire width of the ring elevator. The ring elevator is fitted with active side plates that prevent damage to the potatoes. At the top, a cleaning module can be integrated in the discharge conveyor.

The benefits of a large bunker
The Kwatro bunker holds 17.5 m³. This is a major advantage when harvesting from large parcels with a large yield. The one-part bunker makes it possible to unload the entire bunker quickly or unload on the move. The harvester is equipped with an automatic hydraulic tensioner that maintains the desired tension on the bunker chain, making it less susceptible to wear.