Dewulf & Kolnag have ended the cooperation in Russia; APH Group solely distributor for Dewulf

Dewulf & Kolnag have ended the cooperation in Russia; APH Group solely distributor for Dewulf

APH Group is proud to announce that APH Group is the solely distributor for Dewulf and Miedema machinery in Russia. We’re looking forward to increase our presence in this market and help local farmers grow. Boele Terpstra, director APH Group Russia, adds: “Customers in Russia know the reliable machines of Miedema and the dedicated service of APH Group. Now they can rely on this service and supply of spare parts for all Miedema machinery through 1 professional party. Also the purchase of new Dewulf and Miedema machinery is off course done at APH Group”.

Dewulf and Kolnag have decided to end their cooperation. The split happened in mutual understanding. Dewulf’s and Kolnag’s visions on the future had become too different. Up until now, Kolnag manufactured Miedema machinery for the Russian market and acted as a dealer for this brand. From 1/07/’18, this is no longer the case.

APH Group is founded in 1997 and is since then active in Russia. APH Group’s headquarter is located in Heerenveen, The Netherlands. APH Group operates in Russia from a branch in Chekhov (Moscow region) and has local support available in all major potato and vegetable regions. Besides Russia, APH Group operates by means of subsidiaries, dealers and agents in Central and Eastern Europe, Asia and Latin America. APH Group export to over 20 countries.

The APH approach
The demand for safe food in the world increases rapidly, very rapidly. A high knowledge level and integral approach, makes APH Group the partner for professionals in potato and vegetable machinery. APH Group strives continuously to improve the Efficiency for her clients by:
• Increased yields (Mass)
• Improvement of quality (Create quality)
• Decreased costs of usage (Cost of ownership)
This results in the APH approach: E = MC2

APH Group supplies efficient solutions for professionals in potato, vegetable and irrigation business. APH Group consists of the segments field machinery, in-store solutions, irrigation and engineering.