APH Group announces new Baselier rotary cultivator

Recently, APH Group has introduced a new Baselier rotary cultivator to the market. The new Baselier has a heavy-duty frame as a standard and the possibility to add different options for vegetables on the machine, also in a later stage. The new machine is fitted with the so-called, “Mountain APH Group high-speed plates”, for the most voluminous ridges in the market.


Baselier rotary cultivator with APH Group high-speed plates

Standard these new plates are fitted with special high resistance wearing plates for smooth ridges and a low cost of ownership. In certain soils, this new ridging hood with special inserts even allows to make carrot rows without using hydraulic driven diablo rollers!

The new machine is available directly from stock in row widths of 75, 80, 85, and 90 cms.

Watch the video presentation of the new Baselier here below:

Press release

For the full press release in English and Dutch, click on the image:

For further information please contact:

APH Group headquarters in Holland
Tel:  +31 513 48 1100

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