MS4000 + Baselier 2MS4000 + Baselier

Baselier & Miedema combination for 2 operations in 1 pass

A combination of a Miedema trailed MS4000 belt planter connected with a Baselier rotary cultivator. With this efficient solution one of our clients in Turkey is combining 2 operations in 1 pass:
Soil preparation with the heavy duty full width rotary cultivator equipped with:
·    Heavy duty rubber hood to prevent sticking of soil
·    Double sided drive, with the benefit to operate with tractors >300hp
·    Crumbling roller for preparing a perfect planting bed

Potato planting with the trailed MS4000 belt planter (Miedema Structural) with the following benefits:
·    High capacity
·    Most accurate way of planting
·    Savings on costs and increase efficiency
·    Versatile machine (also able to plant very accurate cut and pre-sprouted seed potatoes)

The combination is also available with options to combine up to 6 operations in 1 pass, like:
–    Soil preparation
–    Planting
–    Fertilizing
–    Spraying
–    Granulate
–    Ridging (final)