Equipment for onions

Are you in need of equipment for onions or an integral solution from seed and harvesting to storage and packing – APH Group has it all!  No hassle, just one supplier & high service level, what do you want more?

Planting equipment onions

  • Sowing machines for onions
  • Pneumatic onion seeders
  • Onion set planters
  • Precision planters for onion sets
  • Pneumatic planters for onion sets


Haulm toppers for onions

  • Onion toppers

Onion lifters (harvesters)

  • Onion lifters
  • Onion loaders
  • Onion loading set for you Dewulf potato harvester


Other field equipment

  • Onion loaders
  • Bed formers
  • Front hoeing cultivators
  • Interrow cultivators
  • Interrow rotavators
  • Drip irrigation placing machines
  • Drip irrigation removing machines
  • Tipping trailers
  • Belt trailers (Van der Peet)


    In-store solutions for onions

    • Ventilation systems for onions
    • Cooling and refrigeration systems for onions
    • Wooden boxes for storing vegetables
    • Box storages for onions
    • Bulk storages for onions
    • Climate controlling systems
    • Intake lines consisting of receiving hoppers, cleaning systems, pre-graders, soil extractors, telescopic conveyor belts, optical graders, box fillers, automatic box fillers, storage loaders, bin pilers, and soil buckets from brands like Dewulf Miedema, and Agrisep
    • Scooter conveyors
    • Stone and clod removers, both mechanical and optical


    Engineering solutions for onions

    • Topping onions
    • Packing lines for vegetables
    • Radial grader and shacking grader for onions
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