Equipment for brassica

Brassica is widely eaten and grown in the world. APH Group offers an integrated solution for the grower of brassica. From seeding, via harvesting, and storage to packing!

Planting equipment for brassica

  • brassica planter


Toppers for brassica

  • Brassica toppers

Brassica harvesters

  • Brassica lifters
  • Brassica harvesters


    Other field equipment for brassica

    • Wind rowers
    • Transplanting machines
    • Bed formers
    • Ridge formers
    • Rotary cultivators
    • Drip irrigation placing machines
    • Drip irrigation removing machines
    • Tipping trailers
    • Belt trailers (Van der Peet)
    • Interrow cultivators
    • Interrow rotavators


    In-store solutions for brassica

    • Ventilation systems for brassica
    • Cooling and refrigeration systems for brassica
    • Wooden boxes for storing brassica
    • Box storages for brassica
    • Bulk storages for brassica
    • Climate controlling systems
    • Intake lines consisting of receiving hoppers, cleaning systems, pre-graders, soil extractors, telescopic conveyor belts, optical graders, box fillers, automatic box fillers, storage loaders, bin pilers, and soil buckets from brands like Dewulf Miedema, and AgriSep
    • Scooter conveyors
    • Stone and clod removers, both mechanical and optical


    Engineering solutions for brassica

    • Grading lines for brassica, directly into boxes or with a complete bunker-block
    • Box-graders for brassica
    • Brassica washing lines
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