APH Group Irrigation

The APH Group Irrigation team has the expertise, of which professionals in the irrigation business can benefit. Specifically, the team is an expert in design, delivery, installation, and service of pivot, linear, and hose reel irrigation systems. Next to that, the team also designs and delivers pump systems.


T-L irrigation systems

T-L irrigation systems from the USA produces pivot and linear irrigation machines. This brand is part of the APH Group portfolio because the hydraulic drive system of the T-L machines outstands all competitors (with electric-driven systems) in the business. Next to that, the design choices and lowest cost of ownership are important benefits. Finally, the solid machines of T-L make APH Group the right choice for professionals in the irrigation business!

APH Group irrigation - T-L Pivot on a field of Brassica

T-L Pivot on a field of Brassica


Idrofoglia hose reel systems

Idrofoglia logo APH Group

Idrofoglia Irrigation Systems produces irrigation machines for agriculture. The Italian brand has a wide range of irrigation machines, called Turbocar. The Turbocar is available in several different versions:

  • A fixed hose reel irrigator called Jolly
  • A hose reel irrigators with a 360° turntable, which is available in 2 versions; the Smart and Active
  • A sitdown system with a 360° turntable and wheels, which can hydraulically be raised and lowered in two versions, being the Executive and Extreme
  • Finally, the wide range of irrigation machines with an incorporated motor pump, the Combo range, completes the list
Idrofoglia Sitdown hose reel irrigation

Idrofoglia Sitdown hose reel irrigation


Euromacchine diesel engine pump units

Euromacchine is an Italian assemblage company. The company offers innovative water pump solutions to meet your agricultural irrigation requirements.

From design to installation the irrigation experts will assist you. As a result, you will get a customized manufactured diesel engine pump unit – to meet your real flow rate requirements. In conclusion, with Euromacchine it is possible to create innovative and customized solutions, which ensure optimal performances and contained consumptions!

 Euromacchine pumps are available in different configurations:

  • The Caprari pump series, the Rovatti series. Both available with John Deere engine, Iveco engine, Deutz engine, and Lombardini/Kohler engine
  • The Cornell pump series with Iveco FPT and John Deere engines
  • Lampo Green submersibles with Caprari, Rovatti, and Grundfos pumps
  • Lampo Green horizontal with  Caprari and Cornell, and Lampo Green double pump with Caprari and Grundfos

Euromacchine diesel engine pump unit

Euromacchine diesel engine pump unit 


The Riverscreen filter 

Riverscreen logoThis filter is one of its kind! In particular, because this American product has a rotating water-driven self-cleaning screen that dependably delivers good water from as little as 10 cm depth. Therefore, it is ideal for those who rely on river or canal water sources for pivot irrigation systems.

Riverscreen is built specifically for shallow water pumping, where it prevents sand problems. Next to that, it has a low maintenance operation. Furthermore, a standard on all Riverscreens is 304 stainless steel mesh.

Riverscreen filter for irrigation systems

Riverscreen filter for irrigation systems

Review on an integral irrigation solution

Mister Yuri Vladimirovich of Kopdikov reviews the irrigation solution that APH Group has developed for the company in Kazakhstan. The solution consists of a T-L pivot, a Cornell pump, and Riverscreen filter technology.


Please note that the above link only contains a small selection of our irrigation equipment. In the near future, we will upload more equipment to our website!

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