APH Group In-store solutions

APH Group In-store solutions department consists of a team of dedicated specialists. This team is working full time to create tailor-made solutions, which provide optimal storage conditions for your crop. To achieve this, ventilation and cooling systems are core fields of expertise. Next to that, a wide selection of store loading machines is also available.

Receiving hoppers, conveyor belts, elevators, storage loaders and box fillers

The In-store solutions team supports professionals with intake machinery for vegetables and potatoes. Therefore, reliable and product friendly intake machinery from Dewulf-Miedema is the base for successful storage. Furthermore, the equipment distinguishes itself by its cleaning capacity and the lowest total cost of ownership.

Miedema Receiving hopper MH 241

Miedema Receiving hopper MH 241

Ventilation, humidification, CO₂-control & refrigeration

With Omnivent equipment, APH Group offers the most optimal storage solutions for your crop. Bearing this in mind, the team designs ventilation, humidification, CO₂-control, and cooling systems on a custom made base. Above all, added value by offering the optimal storage system and storage support proves that APH Group is the right choice for professionals in potato and vegetable storage!

Suction ventilation system

Example In-store-solutions: a suction ventilation system

APH Group is your In-store partner for:

  • Ventilation systems for potatoes, carrots, onions, red beet, and garlic
  • Cooling and refrigeration systems for potatoes, carrots, onions, red beet, and garlic
  • Drying rooms for garlic
  • Wooden boxes for storing potatoes and vegetables
  • Box storages for potatoes, carrots, onions, red beet, and garlic
  • Bulk storages for potatoes, carrots, onions, red beet, and garlic
  • Climate controlling systems
  • Intake lines consisting of receiving hoppers, cleaning systems, pre-graders, soil extractors, telescopic conveyor belts, optical graders, box fillers, automatic box fillers, storage loaders, bin pilers, and soil buckets from brands like Dewulf Miedema, and AgriSep
  • Scooter conveyors and potato buckets from Wifo
  • Stone and clod removers, both mechanical and optical
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