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The knowledge center Field equipment of APH Group plays an integral role for professional potato and vegetable growers. In fact, with well-known brands like Baselier, Miedema, Dewulf, Agricola, and Samon, APH Group can offer complete solutions from soil preparation to harvesting. Additionally, the customers of APH Group are mainly professional growers and entrepreneurs. In fact, this group especially appreciates our core values. Besides efficiency, those are product quality, and increasing yields, combined with a technological approach.

APH Group has the following field equipment brand portfolio (alphabetical order):

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DewulfZK IV - Self-propelled carrot machine
Dewulf ZKIV – Self-propelled top lifting carrot harvester with discharge elevator

APH Group is your partner for:


APH Group offers a wide variety of harvesters, the most important in the portfolio of harvesters are:

  • Potato harvesters Dewulf
  • Carrot harvesters Dewulf
Dewulf Potato harvester RS2060
Dewulf Potato harvester RS2060


Also in planters, the offer is broad. APH Group offers the following types:

  • Potato belt planters Miedema Dewulf
  • Potato cup planters Miedema Dewulf
  • Potato Combi planters by Baselier
  • Onion planters
  • Precision planters
  • Garlic planters
  • Minituber planters
  • Pneumatic planters
  • Onion set planters
Miedema MS 4000 belt planter
Miedema MS 4000 potato belt planter
Broch PLNA-12 garlic planter
Broch PLNA-12 pneumatic garlic planter

Haulm toppers

The following toppers are in the APH Group portfolio:

  • Carrot toppers
  • Onion toppers
  • Haulm toppers potatoes
  • Red beet toppers
Baselier 8LKB haulm topper

Other field equipment

Next to harvesters, planters and haulm toppers APH Group has a broad offer in field equipment:

  • Onion lifters
  • Onion loaders
  • Wind rowers
  • Cabbage belts
  • Vegetable sowing machines
  • Transplanting machines
  • Bed formers
  • Ridge formers
  • Rotary cultivators
  • Drip irrigation placing machines
  • Drip irrigation removing machines
  • Tipping trailers
  • Belt trailers (Van der Peet)
  • Interrow cultivators
  • Interrow rotavators
Agricola Italiana SNT2-290 4DR sowing machine
Agricola Italiana SNT-2-290 4DR sowing machine

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