APH Group Engineering

For your most effective Grading, Washing & Packing line for your potatoes and vegetables!

APH Group Engineering department has a dedicated team of skilled engineers. This team is available to develop your grading, cleaning, sorting, weighing, and packing lines that will meet all your demands!

APH Group is the right integrator for you to compose the required line, which is best for your circumstances. Accordingly, the team takes full responsibility for the different stages of the line.

APH Group engineering drawings

APH Group engineering: sorting, washing, grading, weighing and packing of potatoes and vegetables

APH Group is your engineering partner for:

  • Grading lines for potatoes, directly into boxes or with a complete bunker-block
  • Box-graders for potatoes
  • Washing lines for potatoes
  • Packing lines for potatoes


  • Grading lines for carrots
  • Washing lines for carrots
  • Packing lines for carrots


  • Grading lines for onions
  • Topping lines for onions
  • Packing lines for onions


Engineering garlic equipment

  • Splitting lines for garlic
  • Cleaning lines for garlic
  • Peeling lines for garlic
  • Packing lines for garlic

  • Washing line for red beet (beetroot)
  • Computer weighers for root products


  • Cleaning vegetables
  • Polishers
  • Packing lines for vegetables
  • Palletizers
  • Radial grader and length grader for carrots, onions, potatoes, and red beet



Washing, polishing and packing line Potato and Carrot

Washing, polishing and packing line for potatoes and carrots


Furthermore, a selection of A-brand manufacturers enables the team to develop the most efficient solutions for the professional packers. Another advantage for the customer, as the customer has only one responsible contract partner to deal with! Above all, our customers appreciate the efficient solutions with the lowest total cost of ownership.

In addition, you can find our catalog here below. It holds more information regarding the engineering department:

APH Group engineering catalouge English

APH Group Engineering catalog



Please note that the above link contains a small selection of our engineering equipment. Subsequently, we will upload more machinery to our website!

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