APH Group brands – Zibo and Gandy

Zibo fall breaker

This is a custom-made fall breaker for every type of potato harvester to prevent damages to the product while unloading. Can be folded hydraulically or manually.

Zibo produces fall breakers for trailers as well.

Zibo mechanical fertilizer unit

A hydraulically driven fertilizer unit for adding fertilizers in the ridge during planting. Possible in combination with tank and pump unit for adding liquid substances. Both units are easy to access with the help of a platform.

Row distanceOutletsHopper contentTank content
4 x 75 cm8 (2/row)670 liters2x 300 liters
4 x 85 cm8 (2/row)740 liters2x 300 liters
4 x 90 cm8 (2/row)780 liters2x 300 liters

Gandy granulate applicator


The Gandy granulate applicator is user-friendly and simple to assemble.

OutletsDriveHopper content
1mechanical/ electrical (12V/3,5A)30 liters
2mechanical/ electrical (12V/3,5A)30/ 68 liters
3mechanical/ electrical (12V/3,5A)30/ 68 liters
4mechanical/ electrical (12V/3,5A)30/ 68 liters

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