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T-L is our partner in irrigation and was founded in 1955 in the USA. Hydrostatically powered, T-L systems are designed to deliver continuous movement. Gearbox wear is drastically reduced, due to the absence of an electrically-driven system’s stop-start operation. Next to that, water and chemicals are evenly distributed over the crop. T-L systems deliver the best, most consistent water pattern available.

T-L worm drive gearboxes carry an industry-leading warranty, eight years or 16,000 hours. They have no exposed drive lines or joints, with an internal drive connection inside the base beam.

The main advantages of T-L irrigation:

Hydrostatically powered
T-L pivot systems are hydrostatically powered for continuous movement. This design delivers even water chemical distribution resulting in unmatched irrigation uniformity and improved crop production. There is no “spook effect” from the uneven water distribution that stop-start electrically driven systems.
No high voltage
High voltage electricity is non-existent on T-L pivot systems. You will have the peace of mind that anyone can work in and around your T-L safely. Also, no copper is therefore needed, so no copper theft risk!
Low maintenance costs
Less downtime and reduction of repair and maintenance costs due to the continuous movement of the hydrostatic drive. The absence of start-stop operation extends the gearbox life, leading to the longest gearbox warranties available: 24,000 hours or 8 years for planetary drives and 16,000 hours or 8 years on worm gear drives.
Better management, more time
T-L’s simple design and reliability let you manage your farm instead of being dedicated to irrigating.

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