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Stopshock is an indispensable addition to the harvesting of root crops. By using the Stopshock you reduce damage to your crop and so it improves product quality. It is easy and quick fitting in all makes of trailers.
The Stopshock is manufactured to the highest standards of trailers.

Stopshock B2 180/250 cm made for 2 row bunker harvester 1

The Stopshock is fixed by 4 holes and constructed with:

  • a rigid support at the front of the trailer
  • a stretchproof reinforced PVC sheet
  • 2 elastic ropes to progressively lower the assembly

Stopshock sizes:

Model A
sheet 180 x 180 cm (72’’ x 72’’)
to be used with lifter loader

Model B1
sheet 180 x 220 cm (72” x 88”)
to be used with a single row bunker lifter

Model B2
sheet 180 x 250 cm (72” x 100”)
to be used with a 2-row bunker lifter

Model B4
Sheet 180 x 350 cm (72’’ x 140’’)
to be used with a 2/4-row bunker lifter

Model B2C
sheet 180 x 250 cm (72” x 100”)
to be used with containers

Model C
sheet 250 x 180 cm (100” x 72”)
for sideways tipping

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