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Solidtec is a Dutch company, part of the Manter Group, and specialized in palletizing systems, serving the
market with a wide range of solutions for palletizing bags, bales, cartons, and crates. The range of machinery
extends from stand-alone palletizers to turn-key logistical solutions.

  • Customer-specific palletizing systems
  • load securing machinery
  • Pallet logistics solutions that will save on labor
  • Custom controls with remote access

General use of components on SOLIDTEC machines

Servo motors: Beckhoff
Geared motors: SIEMENS
Drummotors: Van der Graaf
Pneumatics: SMC
Inverters: Yaskawa
Servo controllers: Beckhoff
PLC: Beckhoff
HMI panel: Exor (420 mm X 260 mm)
Contactors and protection relays: Schneider Electric
Optic sensors: SICK
Safety screen: Reer

SOLIDTEC Palletizing machine

Our machine is engineered to perform at the highest level with the lowest level of maintenance. You can see this throughout the design of the machine. Our linear drives for the manipulator is executed as shown here.

Heavy-duty wheels support the moving assemblies withhold the manipulator. They run over a track that is made of standard construction beams. Although never replaced if needed they can be bought locally. For the horizontal movement, we use timing belts which have a very low noise level and guarantee a long lifespan. For the motor drives we use 2 systems depending on the needed capacity. As standard, we use a servo-controlled SIEMENS geared motor with an encoder. For the higher capacity machines, we use Beckhoff servomotors.

Solidtec Palletizing solutions

SOLIDTEC Sliding doors

A very clever mechanism is used to open and close the sliding doors. A crankshaft principle is used to frequently control open and close sliding doors. The way the crank travels has a natural course that gently starts and stops the motion. Very durable and easy to replace rod-ends are used to connect the crankshaft with the sliding doors.

SOLIDTEC Manipulators

Our manipulators are equipped with centering guides. These guides position the product in the center to have an accurate positioning. The mechanism used consists of 2 pivoting shafts assembled in 4 bearings. Activated by a pneumatic air cylinder this is a very robust construction to last for years.

The tilting function on our manipulators can be chosen according to customer wishes.
Our Dual Purpose manipulator can handle bags, cartons, and crates. A specially designed vertical linear guide rail is used to ensure a precise and durable operation.

All manipulators are equipped with low friction plastic sliding plates

SOLIDTEC Roller conveyors

Our roller conveyors are all driven by high-quality SIEMENS geared motors. Contrary to most competitors we only use 1 chain to power the rollers. This results in a very efficient drive and low power consumption. The roller conveyor is almost maintenance-free. A yearly check-up of the tension of the chain is all it takes to have a carefree operation of the roller conveyor.

A specially designed SICK optic sensor is positioned in a shielded area to detect the passing pallets.

Heavy-duty rollers with sealed bearings.

SOLIDTEC conveyor belts

The conveyor belts are all equipped with van der Graaf drum motors and idle rollers. All belts are selected with customer-specific speeds and power output to ensure the highest level of performance of the Solidtec palletizing machine.

Most belts are equipped with V-belt guides on each side. This ensures a perfect journey of the conveyor belt during operation.

Attached to the conveyor belts closed to the packing machines is the product detection bin. Standard on all our machines we supply these bins to detect bags that spill product. The bin can be easily removed to be emptied in a container and placed back to function.

SOLIDTEC pallet dispenser

Solidtec uses, as standard, a very compact pallet dispenser. This pallet dispenser can be used left/right or front/back.

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