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Omnivent is our partner in in-store storage and is one of the leading companies in storage technology. the Dutch company has high-quality equipment in ventilation, cooling, drying, humidification, CO2 control, and storage automation and is renowned all over the world.
The main goals of Omnivent are the reduction of storage losses, saving energy, and optimal storage control. Altogether, this makes Omnivent a solid partner for APH Group.

Storage systems are available for potatoes, onions, carrots, cabbage, and other root crops.

– Ventilation, humidification, CO₂-control & refrigeration –

Omnivent types of ventilation:

Bulk storage ventilation

This type of ventilation is suitable for product storage in bulk with a pile height of 3 to 6 meters. It works through forced ventilation via ventilation ducts or grid floor.


  • Forced ventilation and a perfect air distribution with a perfect mixed-air regulation
  • Optimal use of the available space
  • Easy intake and outtake of product
  • Simple loading and unloading of the store
  • Low investment per ton of product
Omnivent Bulk storage

Omnivent bulk storage of onions

Room ventilation system

For storing the product in boxes at a specific temperature, in stacks of approximately 7,5 meters high. The ventilation takes place by a natural airflow around the boxes.


  • Clever design with integrated air mix construction
  • User-friendly and flexible in use
  • Easy installation
  • Can be combined with refrigeration
  • Relatively low investment for a box storage
Omnivent Room ventilation system

Omnivent room ventilation system

Suction ventilation system

With this system, you will have forced ventilation of the product in open boxes, stacked up to approximately 7,5 meters high. Due to the underpressure which is created between two rows of boxes, the air is pulled through the boxes in a forced manner.


  • High-quality construction with a perfect air-technological design
  • Forced ventilation up to a length of approximately 25 meters
  • Excellent air distribution and perfect drying characteristics
  • Minimized running hours
Omnivent Suction ventilationsystem

Omnivent suction ventilation system

Drying wall

Forced ventilation of products in open or closed boxes up to approximately 7.5 meters high. Pallet openings ventilate a row of boxes per layer. Because of the oblique wall construction, the air distribution is optimized.


  • High level of flexibility
  • Ventilation is possible per row and per layer
  • Ventilation capacity at selective pallet opening
  • Perfect drying characteristics and air distribution
  • Especially suitable when there is a lot of diversity in the product
Omnivent Drying wall

Omnivent drying wall


This innovative Omnivent storage automation product can be summarized in three words: simple, smart, and yield-oriented.

Omnivent OmniCuro display

Omnivent OmniCuro display

OmniCuro is operated using a high-quality touchscreen and is made from high-quality materials. Naturally, OmniCuro can be accessed worldwide from a tablet, smartphone, or PC. OmniCuro is clear and unambiguous right from the first screen, and menu navigation is intuitive. Key data can be viewed quickly and clearly via a series of logical actions.


Omnivent OmniCuro Screen

Omnivent OmniCuro Screen

Based on location-specific parameters, the situation, and factors such as expected weather conditions, OmniCuro recommends suitable storage facility settings. If the user chooses to accept the recommended settings, they can be implemented by way of one simple action. Most of these recommendations are generated automatically by wizards and provide support for
energy-aware storage.


OmniFans are developed in-house, especially for the application of drying and storing agricultural products.

It has an excellent performance in terms of:

  • Efficiency
  • Capacity
  • Noise
Omnivent Fans

Omnivent Fans – Frequency control for fans

When equipped with the optional frequency control the performance of the fans can be optimized by ventilating at lower frequencies, reducing both energy use and noise.



When the humidity of the ventilation air is kept high, the potatoes keep their weight and produce quality. For this purpose, Omnivent offers the OmniPad, which is deployed worldwide to ensure perfect product quality.

Omnivent Humidification

Omnivent Humidification

The benefits in a nutshell:

  • OmniPad limits weight loss
  • OmniPad maintains product quality
  • OmniPad has a cooling effect
  • No free water drops in the air


The OmniBreeze evaporates water into the air, to control the relative air humidity in the store. It can easily be integrated into the store, either by stacking it on top of the boxes or placed on top of the ventilation system.

The OmniBreeze has 2 types:

  • The standard OmniBreeze can humidify up to 1000 tons of potatoes
  • The OmniBreeze Compact humidifies up to 500 tons of potatoes
    Omnivent OmniBreeze in storage

    Omnivent OmniBreeze in a bulk storage

    CO2 extraction

    The CO2 extraction takes care of daily CO2 extraction from the store and air refreshment with outside air. It will keep the CO2 level at a modest level, and maintain the potato quality, and in particular, the frying color for maintaining outside air is absolutely necessary. Too high concentrations can suffocate the potatoes, and negatively influence their frying color.

    Advantages of CO2 extraction system:

    • Reduced energy use for CO2 refreshment (only a small fan, instead of system fans)
    • CO2 refreshment no longer affects the temperature and humidity in your store
    • Less running hours of system fans lead to less dehydration, meaning: less weight loss


    The OmniRecup is a CO2 extractor with a heat exchanger unit. The inbound hot outside air is cooled using the cool, outbound air from the store that is with CO2.

    Especially in hot and humid climate zones less weight loss and less condensation are the two main advantages.


    Turnkey cooling solutions with minimum installation costs.
    The OmniFrigo unit is completely built and tested in the factory, which makes it very easy to install locally.

    OmniFrigo Refrigeration system Bulk onions

    Some of the benefits are:

    • A high degree of reliability thanks to the use of two independent
      cooling circuits
    • Efficient cooling using outside air if conditions are right
    • Minimum drying thanks to the large distance between the lamellas and large evaporation surface
    • Can be connected to all climate control computers
    • Electrical defrosting of the evaporators
    Omnivent Refrigiration systems Evaporators

    Omnivent OmniFrigo Refrigiration systems Evaporators

    Food-Safe and Environmentally friendly cooling

    We develop and high build quality, energy-efficient environmentally friendly refrigeration & storage systems that ensure the long-term storage of your product.

    Omnivent OmniFrigo Refrigeration system pipe

    Omnivent OmniFrigo Refrigeration systems pipe

    We build storage, assembled with equipment that ensures the following: optimal measurement and regulation of temperature and moisture, proper airflow, proper fresh-air ventilation of storage rooms, minimal loss of moisture from the stored goods, adaptation to logistic requirements of the facility with the transport ways, packaging and racking systems. Following refrigeration systems can and installed:


    • Direct cooling systems (DX: direct expansion)
    • Indirect cooling systems with:


    For our refrigeration system, only first-class brands are used like Bitzer compressors and Danfoss and Guntner coolers.


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